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Latin American and the Caribbean Regional Workshop on the Implementation of UNFCCC Article 6: Education, Training and Public Awareness

Montevideo, Uruguay, 30 March - 1 April 2005

The workshop was organized in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in response to a request by the Subsidiary Body for Implementation at its eighteenth and subsequent sessions.

The workshop contributed to the further development and implementation of the (PDF) New Delhi work programme on Article 6, which was adopted by the Conference of the Parties at its eighth session in November 2002. As called for by the work programme, the workshop facilitated discussions among experts to generate information and ideas on climate change education and outreach pertinent to the countries of the region, and it also explored how to enhance cooperation amongst Parties at the regional Level.

At the invitation of the Ministry of Housing, Territorial Regulation and Environment of Uruguay, the workshop was held at the Sheraton Montevideo Hotel, Montevideo, Uruguay, from 30 March to 1 April 2005, and was conducted in English and Spanish.

Workshop information and documents

Report of the workshop

Preliminary Agenda (PDF) English (PDF) Spanish

(PDF)List of Participants

workshop LAC 2005

Presentations/Findings from the Working Groups

(PDF) English Working Group A

(PDF) Spanish Working Group A

(PDF) English Working Group B

(PDF) Spanish Working Group B

Presentations of the Participants


(PDF) Enhancing awareness of climate change and related issues in formal and non-formal education Ms. Georgina Gentile Argentina
(PDF) Climate change course on television Mr. Luis Paz
(PDF) Educación ambiental en las comunidades Ms. Sandra Bazzani Uruguay
(PDF) Fundacion Biosfera Curso cambio climaticao e implementacion de mecanismos de desarollo limpio. Sistema de aprendizaje multimedia a distancia Mr. Horacio de Belaustegui Biosfera
(PDF) Different concepts of education in Bolivia Ms. Mari sol Bagur

Public Awareness

(PDF) El Ecuador frente a la aplicación del Art. 6 de la CMNUCC Ms. Teresa Palacios Ecuador
(PDF) Climate change education and outreach initiative Mr. Dale Rankine Jamaica
[PPT] Campaña de difusion y sensibilizacion sobre cambio climatico en la cuenca de Rio Piura, Peru Mr. Leopoldo Mesones Peru
(PDF) The role of the Environmental Management Authority in climate change education Ms. Marcia Tinto Trinidad
& Tobago

International/Regional Cooperation

(PDF) Uruguay’s activities relating to Article 6 of the Convention Ms. Virginia Sena Uruguay
(PDF) Train sea coast Rio de la Plata Mr. Daniel Collazo Uruguay
[PPT] Vision and experience of IUCN CEC with the CBD and the synergies with UNFCCC Ms. Marta Andelman IUCN
[PPT] Mainstreaming adaptation to climate change project Mr. Anthony Deyal University
of Belize
(PDF) Tierramerica – Communication Project on Environment and Sustainable development Mr. Joaquin Costanzo IPS-
(PDF) Survey results Mr. Arkadiy Levintanus UNEP
(PDF) UNEP Activities in implementing Article 6 of the Convention Mr. Arkadiy Levintanus UNEP
(PDF) International Cooperation - The Canada Climate Change Development Fund (CCCDF) Mr. Normand Tremblay Canada
(PDF) Article 6 of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and The New Delhi Work Programme: An overview Ms. Laurence Pollier UNFCCC
(PDF) An Information Network Clearing for Article 6 of the Convention Mr. David Paterson UNFCCC