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Education and Training: Good Practices

Get inspired with stories on what governments, local councils, civil society organizations and other stakeholders are doing to strengthen education and training on climate change locally and regionally. 

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Experience Organization
Area Tags
Including Climate Change in National Curricula   David Saddington   The United Kingdom   Education, Action in schools, Curricula, Public awareness, Youth, Media  
Local Action through Schools in Brazil
National Center for Monitoring and Alerts of Natural Disasters, Brazil Latin America Education; Education for Sustainable Development; Action in schools; Disaster risk reduction; Pubic awareness
Sustainable Education in Seychelles:  Rainwater Harvesting in Schools The Ministry of Education, Seychelles East Africa/the Indian Ocean Education; Education for Sustainable Development;  Action in Schools; Water security; Children; Youth; SIDS
Mainstreaming Climate Education in Uganda Ministry of Water and the Environment, Uganda East Africa Education; Education for Sustainable Development; Mainstreaming national curricula
Leveraging Funds for Teacher Training in the Dominican Republic
National Council for Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism, The Dominican Republic
The Caribbean
Education for Sustainable Development; Teacher training; Clean Development Mechanism; Financing
Training African Journalists across the Continent
United Nations Development Programme, The Africa Adaptation Programme
Training; Media; Public awareness; Adaptation; Capacity-building
Climate Change Education and Media Outreach in the Gambia Ministry of Forestry and the Environment, The Gambia West Africa Mainstreaming natural curricula; International cooperation; Children and youth; Education for Sustainable Development
Developing Educational Material on Climate Change: Malawi’s Experience The Malawi Institute for Education, Malawi Southeastern Africa National curricula; Education for Sustainable Development; Learner actions; Teacher training
Educate for the Future: Italy’s Development Cooperation across Africa The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Italy Europe and Africa International Cooperation; Action in Schools; Education for Sustainable Development

Good Practice in Action for Climate Empowerment: A compilation and analysis of case studies

The role of education in supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation has been underestimated for a long time. The critical role of education and training in climate change was given the stamp of approval in the Paris Agreement and its Article 12 which states the role of education in meeting the national climate plans (nationally determined contributions, NDCs). This report presents an analysis of 17 case studies from across the world using education as a powerful catalyst for effective climate action. To download the publication, please use this link.