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Action for Climate Empowerment - NEWSLETTER
ACE newsletter 2017 june

The June 2017 Newsletter focused on "Celebrating climate action". It is comprised of information on recent and upcoming ACE events, such as the 5th Dialogue on Action for Climate Empowerment. Furthermore, it highlights good practices taking place in Belgium ('my2050'), and Manchester city on climate change education and public awareness.

           June 2017
Newsletter - Action for Climate Empowerment

ACE Newsletter

In September 2015, Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) released its first newsletter. The newsletter comprises latest news on ACE activities, updates on the negotiation process, good practices and detailed information on climate change education, training, public access to information, public awareness, public participation and international cooperation.

       September 2015 Newsletter - Action for Climate Empowerment (Read it in French, in Spanish)
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20 June 2017 Secretary-General Appoints Jayathma Wickramanayake of Sri Lanka as Envoy on Youth 
22 May 2017 5th Dialogue on Action for Climate Empowerment
10 May 2017 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change
05 May 2017 ACE at SBI 46 - Empowering Youth and the Public to take Climate Action
13 Jan. 2017 UN Releases Action for Climate Empowerment Guidelines
17 Nov. 2016 Climate Education at COP22 Video
14 Nov. 2016 Education Day at COP22 - Education Crucial to Accelerate Climate Action
13 Nov. 2016 Youth Taking Action at COP22 Video
12 Nov. 2016 Young and Future Generations Day at COP22 - Youth Demand a Greater Role in Climate Action
10 Nov. 2016 Winners of the Global Youth Video Competition 2016 at COP22
19 Oct. 2016 COY 12 Youth Conference 2016 in Marrakech - Young People Supporting Ambitious Climate Action (Read it in French, in Spanish)
19 Oct. 2016 Interactive Map with Global Youth Video Competition 2016 Entries
06 Oct. 2016 Winners of COP22 Youth Climate Video Competition Announced - Videos Portray Inspiring Climate Action in Tunisia and Vietnam (Read it in French, in Spanish)
11 Aug. 2016 Youth Leading Sustainability and Climate Action- International Youth Day 12 Aug 2016 (Read it in French)
18 Jul. 2016 Action for Climate Empowerment Workshop - Watch our Video Summary
29 Jun. 2016 Understanding the Link Between Food Security and Climate Change - FAO Youth Poster and Video Competitions (Read it in French, in Spanish)
20 May 2016 Getting Youth Engaged in Climate Action - Day Two of ACE Dialogue in Bonn (Read it in French)
20 May 2016 Wave of Smart Initiatives Raise Public Climate Action - ACE Dialogue at UN (Read it in French, in Spanish)
22 Feb.2016 Children "Astronauts" Awarded by Bonn and UN for Climate Song
09 Feb. 2016 Youth Looking to Be Empowered for Climate Action - Results of UN Youth Forum (Read it in French, in Spanish)

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