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Cooperation with International Organizations
Key decisions and conclusions
Report on SBSTA 40 FCCC/SBSTA/2014/2, (paragraps 205-210)
Report on SBSTA 38 FCCC/SBSTA/2013/3, (paragraps 189–194
Report on SBSTA 36 FCCC/SBSTA/2012/2, (paragraps 131–136)
Report on SBSTA 34 FCCC/SBSTA/2011/2, (paragraps 110–115)
Report on SBSTA 32 FCCC/SBSTA/2010/6, (paragraps 109-113
Report on SBSTA 30 FCCC/SBSTA/2009/3 (paragraph 126-128)
Report on SBSTA 28

FCCC/SBSTA/2008/6 (paragraph 152)

Report on SBSTA 26

FCCC/SBSTA/2007/4 (paragraps 87-88)

Report on SBSTA 24 FCCC/SBSTA/2006/5 (paragraphs 121-124)
Report on SBSTA 23 FCCC/SBSTA/205/10 (paragraphs 106-113)
Report on COP 10 FCCC/CP/2004/10 (paragraph 93)
Report on SBSTA 21 FCCC/SBSTA/2004/13 (paragraphs 113-115)

Report on SBSTA 20

FCCC/SBSTA/2004/6 (paragraphs 129-132 and Annex II)

Report on SBSTA 19

FCCC/SBSTA/2003/15 (paragraph 44 )

Report on SBSTA 18

FCCC/SBSTA/2003/10 (paragraph 42)

(PDF) Decision 13/CP.8

Cooperation with other conventions

Report on SBSTA 17

FCCC/SBSTA/2002/13 (paragraph 49)

Report on SBSTA 16

FCCC/SBSTA/2002/6 (paragraphs 48, 50, 52)

Report on SBSTA 15

FCCC/SBSTA/2001/8 (paragraph 41)

Report on SBSTA 14

FCCC/SBSTA/2001/2 (paragraph 42)

Report on SBSTA 13 part II

FCCC/SBSTA/2000/14 (paragraphs 56-60)

(PDF) Decision 19/CP.5

Cooperation with the IPCC

(PDF) Decision 7/CP.3

Cooperation with the IPCC

See also decisions on specific issues involving cooperation with international organizations, in particular: Capacity-building; Land-use, land-use change and forestry; Research and systematic observation and Adaptation.

Key documents

pdf-icon FCCC/SBSTA/2006/MISC.4 Views on the paper on options for enhanced cooperation among the three Rio Conventions
FCCC/SBSTA/2004/INF.19 Options for enhanced cooperation among the three Rio Conventions


Report of the workshops on possible synergy and joint action with the other multilateral environmental conventions and agreements and enhancing cooperation with other conventions


Progress report by the GCOS Secretariat on developments in the global observing system


Submissions from Parties on the IPCC technical paper


Submissions from Parties on cooperation between the UNFCCC, the CBD and the CCD

FCCC/SBSTA/2001/MISC.3 and Add.1

Submissions from Parties on issues related to the CBD


Information on issues related to the CBD, including questions requiring consideration by the SBSTA and the text of conclusions by the CBD SBSTTA relating to the UNFCCC

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