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Expert Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluating Capacity Building in Developing Countries

Antigua and Barbuda
5-6 November 2007


The COP, at its twelfth session, requested the secretariat to organize, before the thirteenth session of the Conference of the Parties, an expert workshop on monitoring and evaluation of capacity-building, in collaboration with the Global Environment Facility ((PDF) Decision 4/CP.12, Capacity-building under the Convention).

Objectives and approach

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To share experiences on approaches to monitoring and evaluation of capacity-building activities by Parties, multilateral, bilateral agencies as well as intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • To discuss enhancement of the effectiveness of capacity-building through sharing experiences, lessons learned, and best practices on the use of results of monitoring and evaluation.

The workshop will consist of presentations and discussions on the following:

  • Experiences of Parties;
  • Experiences of relevant multilateral and bilateral agencies, and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • Efforts by the GEF and its implementing agencies to monitor and evaluate capacity-building activities, and develop and apply performance indicators relevant to monitoring and evaluation;
  • Lessons learned from proven approaches to monitoring and evaluation.

Workshop documents

Presentations and handouts

Session 1: Setting the Scene - General Introduction

Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Paul Desanker UNFCCC Image Framework for Capacity-building in Developing Countries
Abdul Majeid Haddad UNEP/GEF Image Background to Capacity Building in GEF

Capacity-building activities in different regions
Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Carlos Fuller CARICOM Image Regional Capacity Building Activities in the Caribbean
Espen Ronneberg SPREP Image A Pacific Regional Perspective on Capacity Building for Climate Change
Shirley Kelebogile Moroka South Africa Image Capacity-building Activities in South Africa - Lessons and Gaps
Tatyana Ososkova Uzbekistan Image Capacity-building on Climate Change in Uzbekistan: Monitoring and Evaluating

Session 2: Approached to Monitoring of Capacity-building Activities

Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Kenneth Dyson Nkowani,
Matti Nummelin
Zambia, Finland Image Monitoring of Capacity Building in New Aid Architecture
Duane M. Muller USA Image USAID's Approach to Monitoring Capacity Building Activities
Ji Zou China Image Monitoring and Assessing Capacity Building Activities in Developing Countries for Combating Global Warming: Approaches
Howard Stewart UNDP Image Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
Neil Leary START Image START: global change SysTem for Analysis, Research & Training
Ikubolajeh Logan Penn State Image Role of the Academy in Systematic Human Capacity-building, Monitoring and Assessment in Africa
Blane Harvey UNITAR Image Challenges and Constraints in Monitoring and Evaluation of CB - UNITAR's Recent Experience

Session 3: Approached to Evaluation of Capacity-building Activities

Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Michael Spilsbury UNEP Evaluation and Oversight Unit Image Lessons Learned from Evaluation: A platform for sharing knowledge
David Todd GEF Evaluation Office Image Evaluating Capacity Development
Jean-Joseph Bellamy Consultant Image Monitoring of Capacity Development in GEF Operations

Supplementary documents

Information for participants