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Capacity Building

Climate Change Capacity Building Information System

In cooperation with an informal inter-agency group, a capacity-building information system is being created to provide access to information on capacity-building for climate change.

1. Resource Library: A collection of relevant materials to be provided partner organizations or developed specifically to respond to identified needs.

2. Information Distribution and Exchange: Further to the request in decisions (PDF) 2/CP.7 and (PDF) 3/CP.7, a component of the system will be to collect, process, compile and disseminate information.

3. Capacity-building Forum: This module will, at a later stage, offer features for members to participate in an "on-line forum for information exchange on capacity-building" to develop common understanding and cooperation amongst each other. The forum will include a web board and discussion groups, news services, and calendar of events, and will be available to registered users only. (This module is currently being tested)

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