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Capacity Building

Information Distribution and Exchange

Further to the request in decisions (PDF) 2/CP.7 and (PDF) 3/CP.7, a component of the system will be to collect, process, compile and disseminate, in both printed and electronic formats, information needed by the Conference of the Parties or its Subsidiary Bodies to review the progress in the implementation of the capacity-building frameworks. Information will be drawn, inter alia, from the initial national communications of non-Annex I Parties, national communications of Annex II Parties, submissions by Parties and reports of the GEF. An attempt will be made to extract information that is directly linked to projects / programmes and activities responding to decisions (PDF) 2/CP.7 and 3/CP.7 from the submissions by Parties, IGOs and NGOs.

(PDF) Decision 2/CP.7 Capacity building in developing countries (non-Annex I Parties)
(PDF) Decision 3/CP.7 Capacity building in countries with economies in transition
FCCC/SBI/2003/Misc.2  Information from the Global Environment Facility and relevant international organizations on progress in the implementation of projects and programmes
responding to (PDF) decision 2/CP.7. Submissions from the GEF and relevant international organizations
FCCC/SBI/2003/Misc.5  Comprehensive review of the implementation of capacity-building frameworks
for developing countries and countries with economies in transition
and actions taken by Parties relating to capacity-building