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The Resource Library is a collection of relevant materials which will be provided by partner organizations or developed specifically to respond to identified needs. The Resource Library will contain, but not be limited to, diverse but pertinent and targeted information including training materials, process documents, project documents, policy documents.

The objective of the Resource Library is to build a body of knowledge and experience that will evolve continuously and provide current information, initially to practitioners in the inter-agency CB group, then to the Parties to the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol and to the others involved in order to support capacity-building activities in the context of climate change. The Resource Library will allow for ways in which the agencies and others can systematically collaborate through the sharing of knowledge with each other and between regions across the globe.

Material for the Resource Library will be collected from several different sources which may include materials provided by the agencies, materials developed by the UNFCCC secretariat, analytical documents produced by other agencies and organizations and finally documents produced to fill identified gaps in the existing Resource Library. The library is an evolving, dynamic entity and will therefore continue to grow and expand as the processes develop further.

The inter-agency group discussed the criteria and selection process for materials to be included in the Resource Library. The group agreed that the materials in the Resource Library should fall under any of the three categories below:

  • Documents that support capacity-building efforts through raising awareness;
  • Materials that contains descriptions of "best practices" (success stories); and
  • Documents or other resources that form part of a tool kit to be used in training or capacity-building exercises.