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Youth Activities at COP 18 / CMP 8

At COP 18/CMP 8 youth delegates engage in the intergovernmental negotiation progress through a broad range of activities. This section will be a central point for information on activities for, with and by youth, including daily events, exhibits and virtual participation sessions. Download the daily programme and look out for frequent updates on this website on what is going on and how you can participate.

Daily Schedule of Youth Events

The Daily Programme of Youth Events lists each day’s meetings, side events, mini-side events, briefings and other activities organized by or for youth throughout COP 18/CMP 8. Click on a day to display a pdf-document containing all relevant information. Check back regularly for the most recent updates. If you want to include an event on the calendar, please contact us at youth (at) unfccc.int

26 November
pdf-icon PDF (290 kB)

27 November
pdf-icon PDF (212 kB)

28 November
pdf-icon PDF (140 kB)

29 November
pdf-icon PDF (1046 kB)

30 November
pdf-icon PDF (765 kB)

1 December
pdf-icon PDF (191 kB)

2 December
pdf-icon PDF (83 kB)

3 December
pdf-icon PDF (182 kB)

4 December
pdf-icon PDF (331 kB)

5 December
pdf-icon PDF (159 kB)

6 December
pdf-icon PDF (133 kB)

7 December
pdf-icon PDF (342 kB)

Youth participants funded by the Government of Norway

funded_youth_participants_cop18.jpgThe Government of Norway provided funding for 10 youth participants from Africa, Latin America and Asia as well as for the two YOUNGO focal points to take part in both the seventh Conference of Youth and COP 18/CMP 8. Participants were selected by YOUNGO and provided with training and logistical support to effectively engage in YOUNGO's work in Doha. YOUNGO will continue to mentor funded participants, of which many are newcomers to UNFCCC process, beyond COP 18/CMP 8.

Click pdf-icon here (217 kB) to read about their inspiring work in their home countries and their objectives for COP 18/CMP 8


Intergenerational Inquiry

intergenerational_inquiry_cop18.jpg At this year's fifth annual Intergenerational Inquiry youth delegates from around the world engaged with Ms. Mary Robinson (former President of Ireland), H.E. Dessima Williams (Permanent Representative of Grenada to the United Nations) and Ms. Christiana Figueres (UNFCCC Executive Secretary) to discuss the role and importance of young people in the UNFCCC process. Follow the link to the webcast to view the event.


High-level youth briefings

execsec_youth_delegates.jpg High-level youth briefings are being organized by the UNFCCC secretariat for youth delegates to interact with the Presidency of the COP/CMP, Chairs and Co-Chairs of the negotiating bodies, the UNFCCC Executive Secretary and other key persons at UNFCCC sessions. At COP 18/CMP 8 high-level youth briefings have been organized with:

  • UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Monday, 26 November, 16:00-16:30
  • President of COP 18/CMP 8, Thursday, 29 November, 11:00-11:30
  • Director of the interim-Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund, Wednesday, 5 December, 17:00-17:30

Youth Virtual Participation Room

youthpartroom.jpg The Youth Virtual Participation Room enables youth all over the world to participate in the Climate Conference in real time, albeit not being physically present. For youth present at COP 18/CMP 8, the room is equipped with virtual conferencing devices and provides facilities to hold meetings with their constituents back home.

The Youth Virtual Participation Room is located in the delegation area of the conference centre. If you are interested in using this room, please contact Mr. Jamie Peters at jamie.peters (at) ukycc.org

Mini-side events

youthminiside.jpg These events provide a platform for youth organizations to have their voices heard. Every morning, four 20-minute events will take place at the Climate Change Studio located in the exhibition area of the conference centre. For detailed information on upcoming events, please refer to the schedule above. If you would like to organize a youth focused mini-side event, please contact us at youth (at) unfccc.int

UN Youth Booth

youthbooth.jpg The UN Youth Booth is hosted by the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change to provide a joint space for the members of the Initiative to showcase their work. It also functions as a central point for engagement with United Nations and non-governmental organizations to meet and build networks.

The UN Youth Booth is located in the Exhibition area of the conference centre.

Youth Exhibit Area

youthexarea.jpg In the Youth Exhibit Area you will find a number of youth organizations showcasing their work.
The Youth Exhibit Area is located in the exhibition area of the conference centre.