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YOUNGO (UNFCCC observer constituency of youth non-governmental organizations)

Children and young people have been participating in the UNFCCC intergovernmental process going back to COP 5 in Bonn. Starting in COP 11/CMP 1, youth have also organized preparatory meetings called "Conferences of Youth," which help build their capacity to participate in the UNFCCC negotiation process.

Prior to COP 15/CMP 5, the secretariat granted a provisional constituency status to admitted youth non-governmental organizations (YOUNGO). The constituency status provided a conduit for the exchange of official information between young people and the secretariat; assisted the secretariat in ensuring an effective participation by youth appropriate to an intergovernmental meeting; coordinated young people's interaction at sessions including convening constituency meetings, organizing meetings with officials, providing names for the speakers list and representation at official functions; and provided logistical support to youth during sessions.

On practical terms, YOUNGO is given the opportunity to address the plenary, High Level Segment of a COP/CMP, make submissions (individual youth organizations also), attend workshops, meet with officials of the Convention such as Chairs of the subsidiary bodies and the COP Presidency. They also organize Young and Future Generation's Day during the COP/CMP organizing a series of side events, exhibits, interviews, media stunts, etc.

For more information about YOUNGO and its current activities, please visit here or e-mail the YOUNGO focal points:

Ms. Joanna Read, YOUNGO Focal Point for the Global North
E-mail: joanna.read@ukycc.org

Ms. Karuna Rana, YOUNGO Focal Point for the Global South
E-mail: karuna.rana@syah.org

Celebrating International Youth Day 2014


Google+ Hangouts on "Youth Participation and Engagement in Climate Policy and the Sustainable Development of Small States"

Organizer: Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network
Location: Online
Date/time: 9 August, 11 a.m (UK time) and 11 August, 3 p.m. (UK time)

Youth Participation SIDS

On the occasion of the International Youth Day 2014 on 12 August, the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network will host two Google+ Hangouts to discuss and learn more about youth participation and engagement in climate policy and the sustainable development of small States. A first Hangout will be held on the 9 August, 11 a.m. (UK time) for the African, European and Asian regions. The second Hangout will take place on 11 August, 3 p.m. (UK time) for the Caribbean and Pacific regions. Invited speakers and contributors to those online events will include young leaders and representatives of the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Youth Council, who will inspire and encourage young people and youth organizations in their work to address climate change and also resilience of small states.

Join the Google+ Hangouts at https://plus.google.com/events/cou37lgar9lkpujohoj07oa4afg
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/671206989614149/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=1
Host: Jean-Paul Brice Affana

Integrating Mental Health into Climate Change Adaptation

Organizer: Climate Wednesday
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Date/time: 12 August, ongoing

Mental Health and Climate Change

The health impacts of climate change, and the importance of integrating health into adaptation planning, have become increasingly prominent in recent years - though arguably not prominent enough. At present the evidence base on the mental health impacts of disasters is sparse, because of the difficulties associated with conducting rigorous research in disaster contexts, the complexities and ambiguities that surround mental health in general, and the fact that – legitimately – research is not an immediate priority after a major disaster. However, the evidence we do have shows that the effects can last for months to years, and effective strategies exist to support mental health after disasters.

More information: Climate Wednesday website | twitter: @ClimateWed #ClimateWednesday

IHAF celebrates International Youth Day 2014

Organizer Integrated Health for All Foundation (IHAF)
Location: Molyko-Buea, Cameroon
Date/time: 12 August


This activity organized by IHAF is to give children between the age of 8 – 16 the opportunity to learn important facts about and to educate them as ambassadors for climate justice as members of a worldwide network of committed children to fight climate change.

  • There shall be oral and practical presentations/demonstrations to educate the children on the Tree Planting activity
  • Acclimatization with others and their roles as ambassadors for climate justice and as members of a worldwide network of committed children
  • The children shall be subdivided into small groups; training on how to plant the trees, their responsibilities to maintain these trees.

More information:
Facebook: Ihaf Cameroon

Google+ Hangout on "United Nations and the Year 2015 - A Window of Opportunity to Enhance Youth Engagement in Global Challenges Action"

Organizer: International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)
Location: Online
Date/time: 12 August, 9 a.m. (EDT)

United Nations
'‘United Nations and the Year 2015 – A Window of Opportunity to Enhance Youth Engagement in Global Challenges Action’' with the objective to highlight the central role of multi-stakeholders action and the leadership potentials of global youth in this respect for effective implementation of the emerging Post-2015 Agenda. Secondly the speakers will explore with the active contribution from the audience how the Post-2015 Development Agenda Means of Implementation could facilitate resource mobilization by and for youth in order to enhance their engagement in action to address global challenges, including climate change issue.

Join the Google+ Hangout at http://goo.gl/ScIKsc
More information: http://www.glocha.info/
Facebook: IAAI/GloCha "Post2015 & Youth" google+ hangout on International Youth Day 2014

Youth Field trip - sustainable farming

Organizer: Green Hope UAE
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date/time: 12 August

greenhopeYouth Field Trip

With the global population exceeding 7 billion there is increased pressure on scant natural resources mainly fertile land. At the same time, youth are faced with the daunting prospect of fewer employment opportunities, which is resulting in large-scale migration. Sustainable agriculture that uses the principles of organic farming, composting and soil microbiology is one important way by which one can help generate local employment while maintaining the environmental richness of our land. With this objective in mind, a field trip will be organized to an organic farm on International Youth Day for our members.

More information: www.greenhopeuae.wix.com/greenhope | Twitter: @GreenHopeUAE | Facebook: Green Hope UAE
Host: Kehkashan Basu - 14 year old Founder President , Green Hope UAE .

High-level conference by the Global Youth Innovation Network Gambia

Organizer: Global Youth Innovation Network Gambia chapter
Place: Soma, Lower River Region, The Gambia


A high level conference involving the target groups with lectures to be presented by the World Health Organization and Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Gambia through its Health Education and Promotion Unit.

Expected outcomes
Situational analysis of the perspective of youth and women on the state of mental health (in a particular place, Gambia or region) be collected in their involvement.
Recommendation on the role of youth be prepared and their commitment be sought and assured.

More information:
http://www.gyin.org | Twitter: @GYIN1 #IYDGambia14 | Facebook: Global Youth Innovation Network

Plaidoyer pour l'encadrement des jeunes deficient

Organizer: Action pour un Développement Equitable, Intégré et Durable (ADEID)
Location: Cameroun
Date/time: 12 August

  • Organisation d’une conférence-débat sur l’encadrement social des jeunes déficients mentaux
  • Organisation d’une émission radio sur les droits des jeunes déficients mentaux
  • Organisation d’une journée de détente pour les jeunes déficients mentaux à l’ADEID
  • Organisation d’un plaidoyer à l’intention des autorités administratives et politiques pour un meilleur encadrement des jeunes déficients mentaux

More information:

Mainstreaming Youth and Mental Patients in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Organizer: Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Association, University of Yaounde
Location: Yaounde, Cameroon
Date/time: 12 August

Looking at the theme “Youth and Mental Health “ we shall mobilize all young medical students, CSOs, Stakeholders and government settings to join to carry out the following major activities
  • An advocacy talk will be given to enhance the participation youth on the IYD
  • A talk on mental health shall be given by an expert on how youth can contribute to the mitigation of the mental health in Cameroon
  • We shall visit mental health care centres to make an appraisal of the problems those plaque mental health patients and their managements.
  • Administer MY World 2015 ballots to mental patients and youth relating to the new development agenda

On the Road to the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Summit 2014

Organizer: Youth Climate Action
Venue: Online
Date/time: 23 August

Youth Climate Action

Youth Climate Action is a group of young people from across the world who feel that young people should be given a voice at the United Nations Secretary General's Climate Summit on 23 September 2014. We are launching a web platform that celebrates and showcases young people taking action on climate change, as well as have youth represented at the Summit itself. Starting on 23 August, we are coordinating a month of action leading up to the Summit to show world leaders how we are leading the way in the fight against climate change. We want our decision-makers to be as ambitious as we are!

More information:
http://action.youthclimate.org | Twitter: @IYCM #youthclimateaction | Facebook : YouthClimateAction

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