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What Scorching Weather!
Type: Publication
Geographical coverage: Regional - continental
Implementing Entity: European Commission
Language: English
This year, the European Commission is conducting an EU-wide campaign ("You Control Climate Change") to raise awareness of climate change and what we can all do to limit it. As part of the campaign, we have published a story aimed at raising children's awareness of environmental issues. This story is about a forest fires and the reasons why it happened. In the company of Tom, a little boy and Lila, a fox, 6-10 years olds will learn about climate change and ways in which we can all play a role in slowing down climate change. A very informative read and a useful tool for teachers of primary school children.

CS - Ceština--To strašné vedro!
DA - Dansk--Jorden brćnder!
DE - Deutsch--Was für eine Gluthitze!
ET - Eesti--Kui kőrvetavalt palav ilm!
EL - Elinika--Ο κόσμος καίγεται!
EN - English--What Scorching Weather!
ES - Espańol--ˇUn calor achicharrante!
FR - Français--La Terre brűle!
IT - Italiano--Un caldo rovente!
LV - Latviesu valoda--Cik tveicīgs laiks!
LT - Lietuviu kalba--Koks karštas oras!
HU - Magyar--Micsoda perzselő idő!
NL - Nederlands--Heb jij het ook zo warm?
PL - Polski--Ale upał!
PT - Portuguęs--Tanto calor năo é normal!
SK - Slovencina--Taká spara!
SL - Slovenšcina--Kakšna vročina!
FI - Suomi--Kuumat paikat
SV - Svenska--Vilken hetta!