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Public Participation

Governments can better mobilize the energies of the general public by ensuring that people can participate actively in climate change decision-making. This will sometimes require profound changes in how political leaders and civil servants are accustomed to working. This section provides links to best practices, strategies and other information that can help governments and civil society alike strengthen the contribution of the public to climate change policies.

Most recently added
Date added Title Description CC:iNet Status 
14 Nov 2013 Side event: Combatting climate change through education and training, 16 November, Room Cracow Level 2 Zone B2 Organized by the United Nations Alliance on Climate Change Education, Training and Public Awareness , this side event featured a lively panel discussion on the fundamental importance of education and training for climate change action. It showcased t... more>> Planned
19 Dec 2013 Climate Change Youth Video Contest The Will Steger Foundation invites young US citizens to share their actions on and help raise awareness about climate change in the form of a video. The “Youth Voices of Change” video contest is now open for transmissions from young people in Grades... more>> Ongoing
11 Dec 2013 Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) Assembly The “Alliance for Climate Education” (ACE) is an award-winning national nonprofit organization dedicated to educating US high school students about the science behind climate change and inspiring them to do something about it take climate action whil... more>> Ongoing
11 Nov 2013 The setting up of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) youth network The 3rd International Conference on SIDS will be held in Apia, Samoa in Sept 2014. In July 2013, youth from the 3 SIDS regions (AIMS, Pacific and Carribean) were selected by the UNESCO to lead preparatory youth meetings for the SIDS conference in 201... more>> Ongoing
07 Nov 2013 Intergenerational Inquiry at COP 19/CMP 9 The Intergenerational Inquiry provides a platform for youth delegates from around the world to engage with key players of the intergovernmental climate change arena. This year's sixth edition will focus on intergenerational equity as a moral principl... more>> Ongoing
06 Mar 2014 Action4Climate Short Film Competition - Deadline: April 1 SHOW US WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE MEANS TO YOU! ACTION4CLIMATE video challenge invites young aspiring filmmakers to produce and submit a 1-12 minute video documentary telling a story about climate change. How is climate change impacting your community? ... more>> Ongoing
06 Mar 2014 Global Challenges Youth Actionpedia Engaging Global Youth in Climate Action - Innovative Information Management is the Key! We hear very often in United Nations context that Youth have great potentials, that Youth civic engagement is the key to sustainable development and climate pr... more>> Ongoing
13 Nov 2013 《应对气候变化,青年在行动:来自世界各地的灵感和启发》 该出版物由联合国儿童、青年和气候变化联合框架计划出版,目标是突&#... more>> Completed
13 Nov 2013 Side event: Intergenerational Inquiry The Intergenerational Inquiry provides a platform for youth delegates from around the world to engage with key players of the intergovernmental climate change arena. This year\'s sixth edition will focus on intergenerational equity as a moral princip... more>> Completed
07 Jan 2014 Les jeunes en action contre les changements climatiques : inspirations du monde entier Cette nouvelle publication de l’initiative des Nations Unies pour un cadre commun concernant les enfants, les jeunes et les changements climatiques a pour objectif de souligner les actions concrètes menées par les jeunes afin d’inciter leurs gouverne... more>> Completed
05 Mar 2014 A girls guide to COP 19 Is it really possible for 6 Girls to change the world? My Climate & Me went to COP19 in Warsaw, Poland to find out Completed
16 Jan 2014 Handbook of the Climate Change Movement This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the growing transnational climate movement. A dual focus on climate politics and civil society provides a hitherto unavailable broad and systematic analysis of the current global movement, highlighti... more>> Completed
07 Jan 2014 Growing Together in a Changing Climate: The United Nations, Young People, and Climate Change (English version) The most popular publication of the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change has been translated into Arabic to reach out to a growing network of young climate activists in the Arab region. Growing Together in a... more>> Completed
07 Jan 2014 La juventud en acción ante el cambio climático: inspiraciones alrededor del mundo El objetivo de esta nueva publicación de la iniciativa Marco Conjunta de las Naciones Unidas para los Niños, los Jóvenes y el Cambio Climático es destacar iniciativas concretas de la labor que está realizando la gente joven para instar a sus gobierno... more>> Completed
07 Mar 2014 Case Study: Rural Women Light up their Villages in Fiji UN Women, together with Barefoot College, works closely with relevant national and local authorities on this initiative in Fiji. Read more in the attached pdf Completed

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