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Information Pool
Learning about climate change the Pacific way - teacher guides
Type: Publication
Geographical coverage: International
Implementing Entity: Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) et al
Language: English
Cost: unspecified
This comprehensive collection of education resources ‘Learning about Climate Change the Pacific Way’ offers a rich education resource for students, teachers and facilitators. Developed by various international and regional agencies, and launched in 2014, it introduces “Pasifika”, an imaginary island that is nowhere but everywhere. Pacific learners and explorers can find local buildings, plants, animals, people and geographical features they can relate to. The guides have been equipped with information relevant to all Pacific Island countries and territories. An accompanying teacher guides provide background information and ideas for hands-on teaching activities.

The teacher guides that go with the visual guide are in English. Each picture is described and suggestions are made on how to use it. Background information and hands-on teaching activities are provided.