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Information Pool
Side Event: Solar Centre in Ghana, 20 November, Climate Change Studio Level 2 Zone B2
Type: Event
Geographical coverage: International
Implementing Entity: Greener Impact International
Language: English
Cost: unspecified
This is a project embarked on to provide women, children and Youth in deprived communities and off - grid with a clean energy to enable them to embark on their daily activities. Children and Youth use kerosine lamps to study and women use it to cook at night. despite the high carbon emissions from the burning of kerosine, it subsequently affects the health of the people.
The solar center is a small tent or house created and equipped with solar lamps. It has in it mini solar lamps which are given to women to use at night and return the next morning. moreover, it has in it a high voltage stationary solar lamp where students (children and Youth) go to study at night.