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International Climate Protection Fellowships in Germany
Type: Programme
Geographical coverage: International
Country: Germany
Implementing Entity: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Language: English
Cost: unspecified
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation hosts its annual call for young climate experts keen on applying for one-year International Change Protection Fellowships in Germany. The Foundation invites candidates to work on a research-based project on climate-related topics of their own choice, within a German-based host institution of their choosing. Applicants should have been actively working in any of the following areas: scientific, engineering-based, legal, economic, health-related or social aspects of climate change. Prospective candidates from selected non-European transition or developing countries, with related Bachelors and postgraduate degrees are invited to apply online by 15 March 2015. Up to 20 fellowships are expected to be offered this year.

Apart from flexibility of choice, the programme also provides a three-week introductory phase that gives successful candidates the opportunity to make contact with other Climate Protection Fellows and visit research institutions, companies and cultural events across Germany. In addition, an intensive German-language course is offered to help fellows ease into everyday life in Germany. Third, the programme supports a continuing education event lasting several days during the duration of the fellowship, enabling participants to acquire not only practical knowledge of climate protection, but also expertise in management.