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Information Pool
Disaster Risk Reduction and Education - Outcomes for Children as a result of DRR activities supported by EEPCT
Type: Programme
Geographical coverage: International
Country: Netherlands
Implementing Entity: UNICEF and Government of the Netherlands
Language: English
Cost: unspecified
The aim of this study was to assess and document the outcomes for children as a result of the DRR activities supported by the Education in Emergencies and Post-Crisis Transition programme.

The EEPCT programme has implemented a wide range of activities, across many countries,and in many different disaster contexts. The programme has contributed to risk reduction both by ensuring that children have access to education in disasters and complex emergencies, and also by integrating knowledge on how to reduce risk and vulnerability into education programmes.

This study used two country case studies, in the Philippines and Peru, as well as a wider consultation exercise in Africa, Asia and South America, to gather information on the outcomes for children as a result of these activities. Further details can be found in the two country reports that complement this summary report (see Case Study A ľ the Philippines, and Case Study B ľ Peru).