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Information Pool
National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) Website
Type: Survey/study
Geographical coverage: National
Country: Japan
Implementing Entity: National Institute for Environmental Studies
Language: English
Link: http://www.nies.go.jp/index.html
Since its establishment in 1974, the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) has been playing a major role in environmental research in Japan. We are proud of the integrative expertise to tackle environmental issues through the collaboration of our researchers and staff with diversified specialties such as physics, chemistry, engineering, agriculture, fisheries, medicine, pharmacology, law/politics and economics.
In April 2001, the NIES was reorganized to an independent administrative institution, which allows us to deal with the issues more flexibly and effectively. At the same time, we launched the first 5-year programs. In this fiscal year, we plan to sum up our research activities and the findings; on the other hand, we will make up the second 5-year programs. Our aims will include not only the ways of solving or mitigating environmental problems, but also the ways of achieving coexistence of affluent natural environment and comfortable and convenient life in cooperation with he citizens outside of the NIES.