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23 February 2018 05:42

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17 Aug -
23 Aug 2009
Tunza International Youth Conference on the Environment

United Nations Environment Programme in cooperation with UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea will be hosting a Tunza International Children and Youth Conference in Daejeon, Korea from the17 to 23 August 2009 (Children 17 - 20 and Youth 20 23). The Conference will bring together 750 participants comprising 550 children and their chaperones, and 200 youth from 106 countries.
The theme of the conference is Climate Change: Our Challenge and will include two high profile events, a Seal the Deal Global Townhall and a Global Debate. The Conference will result in a statement to world leaders and an action plan for promoting actions on climate change.
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Daejeon, Republic of KoreaUNEP