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17 April 2014 04:25

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17 Aug -
23 Aug 2009
Tunza International Youth Conference on the Environment

United Nations Environment Programme in cooperation with UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea will be hosting a Tunza International Children and Youth Conference in Daejeon, Korea from the17 to 23 August 2009 (Children 17 - 20 and Youth 20 – 23). The Conference will bring together 750 participants comprising 550 children and their chaperones, and 200 youth from 106 countries.
The theme of the conference is Climate Change: Our Challenge and will include two high profile events, a Seal the Deal Global Townhall and a Global Debate. The Conference will result in a statement to world leaders and an action plan for promoting actions on climate change.
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Daejeon, Republic of KoreaUNEP