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19 January 2018 12:31

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12 Aug 2014International Youth Day

12 August every year sees the commemoration of International Youth Day. International Youth Day 2014 will be celebrated under the theme: ‘Youth and Mental Health’ On a global level, it is estimated that approximately 20 per cent of adolescents and youth experience a mental health condition each year, with 85-90 per cent of this group living in low-income countries. It’s time for a global conversation about mental health and its effects on development. It’s time to talk. The world needs to look at: How we can reduce stigma relating to youth with mental health conditions through education and awareness-raising. How to reach young people in their family, school, and work place, to help them to cope with their mental health conditions What lessons we have learnt from existing programmes and how we take those lessons to improve services and programmes at different levels of economic development.

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