The Cancun Agreements

An assessment by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

key steps of the United Nations Climate Change Conference

What Governments
will do in 2011

Implementing the Cancun agreements means that Governments will want to turn their decisions into action that brings real benefits for people on the ground as soon as possible.

It is also clear that while Cancun delivered the shape of a comprehensive international system for collective action to deal with climate change, further details of how to make this system operate to effect will continue to be fleshed out among Governments during 2011.

This is important to ensure that newly created institutions become fully functional and the framework delivers quickly, especially to help the poor and vulnerable to adapt most effectively to climate change.

Specifically, the new institutions that will be developed include:

  • a Green Climate Fund to house the international management, deployment and accountability of long-term funds for developing country support
  • a Technology Mechanism to get clean technologies to the right place, at the right time and to best effect
  • an Adaptation Framework to boost international cooperation to help developing countries protect themselves from the impacts of climate change
  • a Registry where developing countries will detail their voluntary plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions and the support they need to achieve them


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