The Cancun Agreements

An assessment by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

key steps of the United Nations Climate Change Conference

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1-3.09.2011: The first meeting of the Technology Executive Committee was held from 1-3 September in Bonn, Germany, and made important progress. More


13-14.07.2011: The second meeting of the Transitional Committee for the design of the Green Climate Fund was held in Tokyo, Japan, and agreed on a work plan. More  


28-29.04.2011: The first meeting of the Transitional Committee was held in Mexico City, Mexico and launched the design process of the Green Climate Fund. More


3-5.04.2011: Pre-sessional workshops mandated in Cancun took place from 3 to 5 April 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand:

- A workshop on assumptions and conditions related to the attainment of quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets by developed country Parties was held on 3 April 2011.

- A workshop on nationally appropriate mitigation actions submitted by developing country Parties, underlying assumptions, and any support needed for implementation of these actions was held on 4 April 2011.

- An expert workshop on the Technology Mechanism was held from 4 to 5 April 2011.

More on all 3 workshops, including presentations

18.03.2011: Compilation of information on nationally appropriate mitigation actions to be implemented by developing countries officially published. More


10.03.2011: Compilation of economy-wide emission reduction targets to be implemented by developed countries officially published. More 



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