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Summary of the consultations with the Chairs of Regional Groups and Coordinators of Constituencies during the ADP 2.11 held in Bonn from 19 October to 23 October 2015

The last consultations on the nominations for the election of officers of Convention and Kyoto Protocol bodies during the Paris Conference were convened on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, and chaired by Mr. Cheikh Sylla, Vice-President of the COP/CMP Bureau.

Noting that 105 nominations are pending, Vice President Sylla urged Chairs and Coordinators to intensify their consultations and submit these pending nominations by the deadline of Friday 23 October 2015.

In particular, Vice President Sylla reminded Chairs and Coordinators to submit a nomination for COP rapporteur, without which the election of the full COP 21 Bureau cannot proceed.

Chairs and Coordinators agreed to the recommend to the COP President and the Bureau, the following two proposals concerning the elections in Paris:

         •      For the elections of officers of the Bureau, the COP President would be elected and take office at the opening of the COP
                21/CMP 11, while the other members of the Bureau would be elected and take office at the close of the session, irrespective of
                the nominations received prior to the opening of the session. The current Vice President, SBSTA and SBI Chairs, and COP
                Rapporteur would remain in office during the Paris conference until the elections are held at the close of the session.

        •       For those positions that remain open after the elections in Paris, the President would invite groups and constituencies to
                continue consultations and submit the nominations to the Executive Secretary after the close of the Paris Conference and by 29
                January 2016. Upon receipt of the pending nominations, the nominees would be deemed elected retroactively at
                COP 21/CMP 11.

The secretariat also presented the UNFCCC Membership and Electoral Portal, through which Chairs and Coordinators will submit their nominations.

Following the consultations on the UNFCCC elections, the UNFCCC and Green Climate Fund Secretariats held a Questions and Answers session on the nominations for the Board of the Green Climate Fund.