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Technology Executive Committee (TEC)

What is the TEC?

The Technology Executive Committee (TEC) is the policy arm of the Technnology Mechanism. The Technology Mechanism's overarching goal is to sharpen the focus, step up the pace, and expand the scope of environmentally-sound technology development and transfer in a highly qualitative way. It will operate through the TEC and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (the mechanism's implementation component).

The key functions of the TEC are to consider and recommend actions to promote technology development and transfer in order to accelerate action on mitigation and adaptation, to provide an overview of technological needs and to catalyze the development and use of technology road maps or action plans at the international, regional and national levels through collaboration with relevant stakeholders including governments, relevant international and regional organizations, the private sector, non-profit organizations, academic and research communities to support action on mitigation and adaptation on the ground.

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