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Side event on INDCs

2 & 9 June 2015, Bonn, Germany

Photo: UNFCCC, Photographer: Chanchan LI-Energy System International. CDM Project - 1734: Xinjan Tianfang Dabancheng

COP 20 reiterated its invitation to each Party to communicate to the secretariat its intended nationally determined contribution towards achieving the objective of the Convention as set out in its Article 2. COP 20 also reiterated its call to developed country Parties, the operating entities of the financial mechanism and any other organizations in a position to do so to provide support for the related activities referred to above.

As a response, an event was organized at the ADP session in October 2014 with the objective to highlight case studies on cooperation and support for the preparation of INDCs.  At the ADP session in February 2015, another event was organized to update Parties on progress in delivering existing support, and also inform Parties of other new sources of support for the preparation of INDCs.

The event at ADP session in June 2015 will provide an opportunity for Parties to share experiences in preparing the intended nationally determined contributions that have been submitted to the secretariat.


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