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Status report on consideration of agenda items at ADP 2.7

All in-session documents December 2014 ADP 2.7

ADP agenda item status
2 Organizational matters
2 (a)

Election of officers

2 (b) Adoption of the agenda Agenda adopted at the first part of the session as proposed in document FCCC/ADP/2013/1
2 (c) Organization of work of the session

Organization of work agreed.



Implementation of all the elements of decision 1/CP.17

At the seventh part of its second session, the ADP organized its work under item 3 as follows:

Contact group on item 3 chaired by the ADP Co-Chairs: Mr. Kishan Kumarsingh and Mr. Artur Runge-Metzger.
Secretariat contact: Mr. Daniel Klein (

4 Other matters

No other matters were raised

5 Report on the session

Draft report on the seventh part of the second session prepared.