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Status report on consideration of agenda items at ADP 2.6

In-session documents October 2014 ADP 2-6


ADP agenda item status
2 Organizational matters
2 (a)

Election of officers

2 (b) Adoption of the agenda Agenda adopted at the first part of the session as proposed in document FCCC/ADP/2013/1
2 (c) Organization of work of the session

Organization of work agreed.                          

At its 12th plenary meeting, on 25 October, the ADP agree on the need to hold an additional session in the first half of 2015 and at least one additional session in the second half of the year. The first additional session of the ADP in 2015 will be held from 8 to 13 February in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the same meeting, the ADP agreed to suspend its second session  and to reconvene it in conjunction with the twentieth session of the conference of the Parties and the tenth session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. 



Implementation of all the elements of decision 1/CP.17

At the sixth part of its second session, the ADP organized its work under item 3 as follows:

Contact group on item 3 chaired by the ADP Co-Chairs: Mr. Kishan Kumarsingh (Trinidad and Tobago) and Mr. Artur Runge-Metzger (European Union).
Secretariat contact: Mr. Daniel Klein (

Technical Expert Meetings:
Carbon capture, use and storage facilitated by Ms. Ulrika Raab
Secretariat contact: Mr. Conor Barry (

Non-CO2 greenhouse gases facilitated by Ms. Marta Pizano
Secretariat contact: Ms. Inkar Kadyrzhanova (

Follow up meeting to the technical expert meetings on energy efficiency, renewable energy, urban environment and land-use facilitated by the secretariat.
Secretariat contact: Ms. Tshering Dolma Sherpa (

Briefing on cooperation and support for domestic preparation of intended nationally determined contributions, chaired by the Co-Chairs of the ADP
Secretariat contact:: Mr. William Kojo Agyemang-Bonsu


4 Other matters

No other matters were raised

5 Report on the session

Draft report on the sixth part of the second session prepared