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ADP Technical Expert Meetings: Carbon capture, use and storage

 21 October 2014, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Bonn, Germany

Photo: UNFCCC, Photographer: Changchuan Fan - Energy Systems International

The technical expert meeting on carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) will allow Parties, international organisations, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders to:

  -  Share views and experiences on options and opportunities to advance action on CCUS, and
  -  Explore barriers for scaling up action,
  -  Propose options to overcome such barriers. 

The discussion will be informed by showcasing projects in different regions using or storing CO2 from a variety sources (e.g. power generation). The discussion can help Parties, international organizations, the private sector and other stakeholders to explore options to strengthen co-operation, including through the targeted utilization of existing UNFCCC institutions and mechanisms and the creation of new partnerships, to augment the contribution of the CCUS to enhanced mitigation ambition.

Experts from Parties are encouraged to come prepared with actions and initiatives that Parties would like to advance, to share experience and engage in discussions oriented at achieving concrete and practical results. Organizations that are active in the respective areas are also encouraged to participate by sharing good practices and initiatives being undertaken with Parties and their potential for broader engagement, as well as by sharing information on different sources of support available to developing countries.

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Background information


ADP Virtual expo
Interested Parties and organizations are invited to upload here relevant material for the technical expert meetings on non-CO2 greenhouse gases and carbon capture, use and storage, in addition to the existing cooperative initiatives already presented in the portal on the UNFCCC website. 
All uploaded material can be found at the ADP Virtual expo.                       

Background information

In Warsaw, the ADP requested the secretariat to organize, under the guidance of the ADP Co-Chairs, technical expert meetings at each of the sessions of the ADP in 2014 to share policies, practices and technologies and address the necessary finance, technology and capacity building, with a special focus on actions with high mitigation potential.

The series of technical expert meetings was launched at the ADP March session with a focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency and continued at the June meeting, where opportunities for action on urban environment and land use were examined.

In October, technical expert meetings will focus on opportunities for action on non-CO2 greenhouse gases and carbon capture, use and storage.

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