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ADP 2-5 in session material presented by Parties

 Submissions by Parties can be found here

Contact Groups on item 3 (focus: Mitigation)
Party Date Document
South  Africa                                                      08 Jun        pdf-icon Bullet points intervention on Mitigation (145 kB)
Like-Minded Developing Countries 08 Jun pdf-icon Key items from document(FCCC/ADP/2014/CRP.1) (222 kB)


Contact Groups on item 3 (focus: Finance)
Party                                                                  Date Document
South Africa 10 Jun pdf-icon Statement on Finance (177 kB)
Like-Minded Developing Countries    08 Jun        pdf-icon Enhanced Action on Finance – LMDC CRP Overview (147 kB)


Contact Groups on item 3 (focus: Capacity Building)
Party Date Document
Like-Minded Developing               Countries                    10 Jun        pdf-icon Context for Capacity Building in the ADP (83 kB)


Contact Groups on item 3 (focus: Technology)
Party Date Document
Like-Minded Developing Countries                           10 Jun          

pdf-icon Enhanced Action -
Technology - Development and Transfer
(179 kB)


Contact Groups on item 3 (focus: Transparency)
Party Date Document

Like-Minded Developing                             Countries                    

11 Jun                 

pdf-icon Context of Transparency of Action and Support in the ADP (100 kB)


Contact Groups on item 3 (focus: Intended Nationally Determined Contributions)
Party Date Document
South Africa                                                      11 Jun               pdf-icon Perspective on building a rules based system (process flow) (427 kB)
Like-Minded Developing Countries  11 Jun      pdf-icon Proposal-Contributions by Annex 1 and Non-Annex 1 Parties (821 kB)
South Africa  11 Jun  pdf-icon Process of INDCs in context of 2015 Agreement (450 kB)


Contact Groups on item 3 (focus: Other issues related to elements: structure of the agreement)
Party Date Document
Like-Minded Developing Countries                          14 Jun         pdf-icon Structure of the 2015 agreement (35 kB)