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Briefing on the voluntary cancellation of CERs as a means of closing the pre-2020 ambition gap

Thursday, 13 March, 13:00-14:00 (AAH UG 02)

This briefing by the Chair of the clean development mechanism (CDM) Executive Board, provided Parties with practical information about how certified emission reductions (CERs) generated by CDM projects can be used to close the pre-2020 ambition gap. At the 2013 UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, a decision was taken to "promote the voluntary cancellation of CERs, without double counting, as a means of closing the pre-2020 ambition gap." (1/CP.19, para 5(c)).

Based on a 2012 study, a conservative estimate of the pre-2020 ambition gap, or the amount of emissions that would need to be further reduced to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius by 2100, is roughly 20 billion tonnes. Recent estimates on available CDM offset credits, so called CERs, indicate that up to 40 per cent of the emissions gap could be closed through the use of CERs.

The opportunities, challenges and costs for Parties to use CERs in this context were discussed, as were the practical aspects of implementing the mandate. The briefing also shared some examples of CERs being used as a means to support carbon neutrality initiatives.

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Mr. Hugh Sealy, Chair
Clean development mechanism (CDM), Executive Board

13 March 2014    


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