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ADP Technical Expert Meetings: Energy efficiency

12-13 March 2014, Bonn, Germany 


In Warsaw, the ADP requested the secretariat to organize, under the guidance of the ADP Co-Chairs, technical expert meetings at each of the sessions of the ADP in 2014 to share policies, practices and technologies and address the necessary finance, technology and capacity building, with a special focus on actions with high mitigation potential. During the March session, technical expert meetings focused on opportunities for action on renewable energy and energy efficiency. At the session in June, technical expert meetings considered opportunities for action on urban environment and land use.Experts from Parties were encouraged to come prepared with actions and initiatives that Parties would like to advance, to share experience and engage in discussions oriented at achieving concrete and practical results. Organizations that are active in the respective areas were also encouraged to participate by sharing good practices and initiatives being undertaken with Parties and their potential for broader engagement, as well as by sharing information on different sources of support available to developing countries.

pdf-icon Programme (184 kB)

Presentations and webcast on-demand

pdf-icon Summary by the facilitator Mr. Jun Arima (Japan) (193 kB)

Information on the mitigation and sustainable development benefits of actions, initiatives and options to enhance mitigation ambition, with a focus on the thematic areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency have been compiled in the technical paper contained in document FCCC/TP/2014/3 and its addendum.


Follow up work on technical examination process to unlock mitigation opportunities for raising pre-2020 ambition

Follow-up meeting to the technical expert meetings on energy efficiency, renewable energy, urban environment and land-use improvements in the pre-2020 period

23 October 2014, 3 to 6 p.m. 
Bonn, Germany


The Co-Chairs have requested the secretariat to facilitate a follow-up meeting to the technical expert meetings on energy efficiency, renewable energy, urban environment and land-use improvements in the pre-2020 period. The meeting allowed Parties to take stock of actions undertaken since the technical expert meetings in March and June and to identify further opportunities for action in the areas considered thus far.

pdf-icon Programme (350 kB)  

Background information
The ADP Co-Chairs have highlighted follow up actions undertaken by the secretariat and international organizations in the pdf-icon message (444 kB) to Parties and observer organisations. The ADP Co-Chairs have also organized a dedicated meeting which took place in the June session to take stock of actions undertaken since March and to give further impetus and momentum to action on renewable energy and energy efficiency in the lead up to COP 20.

pdf-icon Follow up to technical expert meetings on unlocking mitigation opportunities through renewable energy deployment and energy efficiency improvements in pre-2020 period (228 kB) (12 June 2014, 11:30-13:30)

Contact details of Organizations and Partnership for further actions




ADP Virtual expo
Parties and organizations were invited to upload relevant material for the technical expert meetings on renewable energy and energy efficiency in addition to the existing cooperative initiatives already presented in the portal on the UNFCCC website, interested .
All uploaded material can be found at the ADP Virtual expo.



 Presentations and webcast on-demand   
Wednesday, 12 March 2014                                                                      ImageView webcast (part 1)
pdf-icon Energy Efficiency in South Africa: Governance Structure & Lessons Learnt (569 kB)  - Mr. Brian Mantlana - Climate Change Monitoring & Evaluation, Department of Environmental Affairs 
pdf-icon Japan’s Policy on Energy Conservation (1982 kB)  - Mr. Toshiaki Nagata, International Affairs Office, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Dept., Agency for Natural Resources and Energy 
pdf-icon Energy Use in Colombia (1010 kB)  - Mr. José Manuel Sandoval, Estrategia Colombiana de Desarrollo Bajo Carbono
pdf-icon Capitalising on Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment, the Singapore journey (1604 kB)  - Ms. Leong-Kok Su-Ming, Director, Green Mark Department (New Development), Building and Construction Authority

Thursday, 13 March 2014                                                           ImageView webcast (part 2 and part 3)

pdf-icon Energy Efficiency in Denmark - Lessons learned (200 kB)  - Mr. Peter Bach, Chief Adviser, Danish Energy Agency 
pdf-icon Energy Efficiency in India – Challenges & Lessons (701 kB)  - Mr. Bhaskar Sarma, Bureau of Energy Efficiency
pdf-icon Energy Efficiency: Supporting our climate goals (4621 kB)  - Mr. Philippe Benoit, Head of Energy Efficiency & Environment (Climate) Division, IEA 
pdf-icon Combining Energy Efficiency Actions & Climate Change Mitigation: Lessons Learnt from IPEEC (368 kB)  - Mr. Thibaud Voïta, IPEEC
pdf-icon Sustainable Energy For All (646 kB)  - Mr. Luis Gomez-Echeverri, Senior Advisor (SE4ALL), Office of Special Representative to UN Secretary General
pdf-icon An overview of UNEP’s Energy Efficiency Initiatives (1788 kB)  - Mr. Curt Garrigan, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, UNEP
pdf-icon GEF support to scaling up Energy Efficiency (746 kB)  - Mr. Franck Jesus, Global Environment Facility
pdf-icon Energy Efficiency and Climate Change (915 kB)  - Mr. Jan-Willem van de Ven, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 
pdf-icon Energy Efficiency: Overview and Lessons learned (617 kB)  - Mr. Jarl Krausing, Climate Change Division, The World Bank
pdf-icon The Contribution of Land Transport towards realizing the 2o Climate Scenario (1867 kB)  - Mr. Cornie Huizenga, Secretary General, Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport  
pdf-icon Mega-City Action and Best Practices in Energy Efficiency (1720 kB)  - Ms. Terri Wills, C40Cities, Climate Leadership Group 



Contact details of Organizations and Partnership for further action
Contact Person  Organization  Email  Phone
Ms. Melanie Slade International Energy Agency - IEA +33 1 4057 6682
Mr. Thibaud Voïta  International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation - IPEEC  +33 1 4057 6674 
Jyoti Prasad Painuly Sustainable Energy for All - SE4ALL +45 4533 5310
Mr. Curt Garrigan  United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP  
Mr. Robert Dixon  Global Environment Facility - GEF Secretariat  +1 202 473 2340 
Mr. Jan-Willem van de Ven  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD   +44 20 7338 7821 
Mr. Jarl Krausing  World Bank 
+1  202 677 9261 
Ms. Cornie Huizenga  Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport - SLoCAT +86 13 9019 49332 
Ms. Terri Wills C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group  +44 203 525 8569
Mr. Jukka Uosukainen Climate Technology Centre & Network - CTCN +45 4533 5372 
Mr. Jan Corfee-Morlot  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - OECD  +33 1 4524 7924 
Mr. Gabriel Blanco  Technology Executive Committee - TEC    


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