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  ADP Technical Expert Meetings: Renewable energy

10-12 March 2014, Bonn, Germany


In Warsaw, the ADP requested the secretariat to organize, under the guidance of the ADP Co-Chairs, technical expert meetings at each of the sessions of the ADP in 2014 to share policies, practices and technologies and address the necessary finance, technology and capacity building, with a special focus on actions with high mitigation potential. During the March session, technical expert meetings focused on opportunities for action on renewable energy and energy efficiency. At the session in June, technical expert meetings considered opportunities for action on urban environment and land use. Experts from Parties were encouraged to come prepared with actions and initiatives that Parties would like to advance, to share experience and engage in discussions oriented at achieving concrete and practical results. Organizations that are active in the respective areas were also encouraged to participate by sharing good practices and initiatives being undertaken with Parties and their potential for broader engagement, as well as by sharing information on different sources of support available to developing countries.

pdf-icon Programme (133 kB)

Presentations and webcast on-demand

pdf-icon Summary of the facilitator Mr. Youna Sokona (Mali) (178 kB)

Information on the mitigation and sustainable development benefits of actions, initiatives and options to enhance mitigation ambition, with a focus on the thematic areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency have been compiled in the technical paper contained in document FCCC/TP/2014/3 and its addendum.


Follow up work on technical examination process to unlock mitigation opportunities for raising pre-2020 ambition

Follow-up meeting to the technical expert meetings on energy efficiency, renewable energy, urban environment and land-use improvements in the pre-2020 period
23 October 2014, 3 to 6 p.m. 
Bonn, Germany 

The Co-Chairs have requested the secretariat to facilitate a follow-up meeting to the technical expert meetings on energy efficiency, renewable energy, urban environment and land-use improvements in the pre-2020 period. The meeting allowed Parties to take stock of actions undertaken since the technical expert meetings in March and June and to identify further opportunities for action in the areas considered thus far.

pdf-icon Programme (350 kB)  

Background information
The ADP Co-Chairs have highlighted follow up actions undertaken by the secretariat and international organizations in the pdf-icon message (444 kB) to Parties and observer organisations. The ADP Co-Chairs have also organized a dedicated meeting which took place in the June session to take stock of actions undertaken since March and to give further impetus and momentum to action on renewable energy and energy efficiency in the lead up to COP 20.

pdf-icon Follow up to technical expert meetings on unlocking mitigation opportunities through renewable energy deployment and energy efficiency improvements in pre-2020 period (228 kB) (12 June 2014, 11:30-13:30)

Contact details of Organizations and Partnership for further actions




 ADP Virtual expo
Parties and organizations were invited to upload relevant material for the technical expert meetings on renewable energy and energy efficiency in addition to the existing cooperative initiatives already presented in the portal on the UNFCCC website.
All uploaded material can be found at the ADP Virtual expo.



Presentations and webcast on-demand                                   
Monday, 10 March 2014, 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.                                        ImageView webcast (part 1)  
pdf-icon Renewable energy and climate change (830 kB)  - Mr. Dolf Gielen, Director IITC, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
pdf-icon Meeting the Nation's Energy Needs (456 kB)  - Mr. Griffin Thompson
pdf-icon Renewable Energy in China: Progress, Perspectives, and Challenges (416 kB)  - Dr. Xiang Gao, Energy Research Institute, NDRC, China
pdf-icon Kenya's Experience in Renewable Energy (344 kB)  - Ms. Fatuma M. Hussein, MEW & NR Kenya 
pdf-icon Renewable Energy (1284 kB)  - Ms. Jennifer de Brum, Chief of Administration, Finance and Planning, Office of Environmental Protection and Policy Coordination 
Tuesday, 11 March 2014, 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.                                        ImageView webcast (part 2) 
pdf-icon Renewable Energy in Brazil (840 kB)  - Dr. José Domingos Miguez 
 pdf-icon Renewable energy technologies from a hydrocarbon producer perspective (1065 kB)  - Ms. Sarah Baashan 
pdf-icon Renewable Energy Projects in Ethiopia (274 kB) - Dr.Tewolde Berhan G.Egizabher 
pdf-icon Renewable Energy: An update on the Chilean Experience (1874 kB)  - Mr. Andrés Pirazzoli, Oficina de Cambio Climático, Ministerio del Medio Ambiente
pdf-icon The Energiewende: Core Elements of the Energy Transition in Germany (710 kB)  - Dr. Karsten Sach, Deputy Director-General, European and international Environmental Policy, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety 
pdf-icon State and future challenges  of renewable energy finance (905 kB)  - Mr. Roland Roesch, Senior Programme Officer RE Markets and Technology Dialogue, IRENA 
pdf-icon Sustainable Energy for All (995 kB)  - Mr. Luis Gomez-Echeverri, Senior Advisor (SE4ALL), Office of Special Representative to UN Secretary General 
pdf-icon Green Climate Fund (346 kB)  - Mr. Marcelo Jordan 
pdf-icon GEF support to scaling up Renewable Energy (986 kB)  - Mr. Franck Jesus, Global Environment Facility 
pdf-icon Renewable Energy: Overview, Challenges and Lessons learned (488 kB)  - Mr. Jarl Krausing, Climate Change Group, The World Bank 
pdf-icon Optimizing renewables in Cities: successes, replication potential, challenges and solutions (838 kB)  - Ms. Maryke van Staden, Low-carbon Cities Program Manager, Director of   Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting, ICLEI World Secretariat 
 Wednesday, 12 March 2014, 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.                              ImageView webcast (part 3)
pdf-icon Catalysing transformation: some examples of mobilising private finance in renewables (262 kB)  - Mr. David Capper, Deputy Director, International Climate Change, UK
pdf-icon A programme for Globally funded renewable energy feed-in tariffs (937 kB)  - Mr. Niclas Hällström, What Next Forum 


Contact details of Organizations and Partnership for further actions 
 Contact Person Organization Email Phone
Secretariat  International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA   +971 2 417 9000
Jyoti Prasad Painuly  Sustainable Energy for All - SE4ALL +45 4533 5310
Ms. Maryke van Staden  Local Governments for Sustainability, World Secretariat - ICLEI, +49 228 976 299 21 
Secretariat  Green Climate Fund - GCF  +82 32 458 6059 
Mr. Robert Dixon  Global Environment Facility - GEF Secretariat  +1 202 473 2340
Mr. Jarl Krausing  World Bank  +1 202 677 9261
Mr. Jukka Uosukainen  Climate Technology Centre & Network - CTCN +45 4533 5372 
Mr. Jan Corfee-Morlot  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - OECD  +33 1 4524 7924
Mr. Gabriel Blanco Technology Executive Committee - TEC   


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