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Information on APA item 6
Matters relating to the global stocktake (GST) referred to in Article 14 of the Paris Agreement:

(a) Identification of the sources of input for the global stocktake

(b) Development of the modalities of the global stocktake


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APA 1.4 - Resumed first session, 6-17 November 2017 

Pre-sessional round-table on APA item 6
Date:  5 November 2017
Venue:  Bonn  


APA 1.3 - Third part of the resumed first session, 8-18 May 2017

Building on the outcome of APA 1.2, Parties, at APA 1.3, continued their work on this agenda item by clarifying views and/or sharing new ideas with each other on the topics that emerged from APA 1.2: linkages and context, outputs/outcome, modalities and sources of input for the GST. Parties also shared their views on what a possible textual outline for the work on this agenda item could be.

These discussions are summarized in an pdf-icon informal note (560 kB)  by the APA 1.3 co-facilitators for this agenda item, prepared under their own responsibility.

The APA concluded its work at the third part of the resumed first session on this item by (see paragraph 26 of the APA 1.3 report): 

  1. inviting Parties to make, by 30 September 2017, focused submissions on the possible elements of textual outline for the identification of the sources of input to and development of the modalities for the GST taking into consideration, as appropriate, the views of Parties reflected in the informal note on this agenda item.
  2. requesting the secretariat to organize, under the guidance of the APA Co-Chairs, a pre-sessional round table, to be held on Sunday, 5 November 2017, to facilitate work under this agenda item, taking into consideration the submissions and the informal note by the co-facilitators from APA 1.3. 

Parties can submit their views to the APA on agenda item 6 here
Submissions received to date on APA item 6 are available here.


APA 1.2 - Second part of the resumed first session, 7-14 November 2016

At the second part of the resumed first session of the APA, Parties made important progress in their collective understanding of the approach for their work on this agenda item and the GST process. Parties also started identifying additional sources of input and related modalities for conducting the GST. A summary of these discussions was captured by the co-facilitators in an pdf-icon informal note.

The APA concluded its work at the second part of its resumed first session on this item by inviting Parties to submit, by 30 April 2017, their views on issues discussed under this agenda item taking into consideration guiding questions included paragraph 25 of the APA1.2 report.

In addition to the APA work on the GST, the SBSTA also concluded its work and provided its advice to the APA on how the assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can inform the GST. The SBSTA advice is included in paragraphs 47-56 of document FCCC/SBSTA/2016/4.



To assist Parties with their work under APA item 6, all informal documents prepared by the co-facilitators are available below:  


Documents by the APA item 6 Co-Facilitators

Document Session Date
pdf-icon Informal note (560 kB) by Co-facilitators for item 6 (GST)
- Final iteration
Previous iterations of the informal note are available on the APA 1.3 in-session page. See item 6
APA 1-3, Bonn, 8-18 May 2017 16 May 2017 
pdf-icon Informal note by Co-facilitators for item 6 (GST) APA 1-2, Marrakech 7-14 November 2016           14 November 2016


Submissions received on APA item 6

The APA, at its resumed first session, invited Parties to submit, by 30 April 2017, their views on the issues discussed under this agenda item, taking into consideration the questions identified by Parties as relevant for this item and listed in the APA1.2 conclusions.

All submissions received to date are available on the UNFCCC submissions portal, including submissions on views on how to progress the work of the APA.

Compilation of submissions
Document Compilation date
APA 1.3 Submissions
pdf-icon Compilation (4174 kB)
15 May 2017

APA 1.2 Submissions

7 Oct 2016
FCCC/APA/2016/INF.4/Add.1 18 Oct 2016
FCCC/APA/2016/INF.4/Add.2 3 Nov 2016




Documents by Co-Chairs

Documents by Co-Facilitators

Submissions by Parties

Submission portal

Events that could inform APA item 6

Pre-sessional round-table on NDCs
(6 November 2017)

Pre-sessional round-table on adaptation communications
(4 November 2017) 

Pre-sessional round-table on Transparency  
(4 & 5 November 2017)

Joint AC/LEG meeting  
(September 2017)

Notifications to Parties
Submissions due