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Technical Examination Process on Adaptation (TEP-A)

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The  technical examination process on adaptation (TEP-A) was established at COP 21 as part of the enhanced action prior to 2020 in the decision adopting the Paris Agreement (1/CP.21, paragraph 124, page 18). The TEP-A is taking place during 2016-2020 and its objective is to identify concrete opportunities for strengthening resilience, reducing vulnerabilities, and increasing the understanding and implementation of adaptation actions, including through the following four functions of the TEP-A:

(a) Facilitating the sharing of good practices, experiences and lessons learned;

(b) Promoting cooperative action on adaptation;

(c) Identifying actions, including actions that could enhance economic diversification and have mitigation co-benefits;

(d) Identifying opportunities to strengthen enabling environments and enhance the provision of support for adaptation in the context of specific policies, practices and actions.

The COP decided that the TEP-A is to be organized by the subsidiary bodies, conducted by the Adaptation Committee and supported by the secretariat. It comprises annual technical expert meetings, an annual technical paper and an annual summary for policymakers . The summary for policymakers feeds into the annual high‐level event that builds on the Lima‐Paris Action Agenda and will be held in conjunction with the COP until 2020.

The Adaptation Committee established a working group to advance its work on the TEP-A, consisting of the following AC and non-AC members:

•    Ms. Madeleine Diouf

AC members
•    Ms. Hlobsile Skhosana-Shongwe
•    Ms. Renske Peters
•    Ms. Minpeng Chen
•    Mr. Andro Drecun
•    Mr. Damdin Davgadorj
•    Ms. Pilar Bueno
•    Mr. Julio Cordano
•    Mr. Don Lemmen

Non-AC members
•    Technology Executive Committee - Mr. Mareer Mohamed Husny
•    Least Developed Countries Expert Group - Mr. Fredrick Manyika
•    Standing Committee on Finance- Mr. Richard Sherman and Mr. Peter Horne  
•    RINGO constituency - Mr. Richard Klein (SEI)
•    ENGO constituency - Mr. Sandeep Chamling Rai (WWF)
•    BINGO constituency - Ms. Asuncion Lera St. Clair (DNV GL)

2017 TEP - A
Topic: Integrating climate change adaptation with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction

This topic will be common to the 2-day TEM-A at SB 46, taking place on Tuesday, 16 and Wednesday 17 May, WCCB, room Chamber Hall.

Please find pdf-icon here (181 kB) the annotated agenda (revised on 17 May 2017).

2016  TEP - A
Umbrella topic: Reducing vulnerability and mainstreaming climate change adaptation, including through the process to formulate and implement national adaptation plans

As part of the TEP-A, two technical expert meetings on adaptation (TEM-As) were organized at SB 44.

The first TEM-A took place on Tuesday, 24 May, WCCB, room Chamberhall (Plenarsaal) and focused on enhancing the implementation of adaptation action with emphasis on gaps, needs, challenges, options and opportunities for implementation on the ground; means of implementation, including for the improvement of climate information services and understanding of scientific information at the national level; and good practices for reducing vulnerability

The second TEM-A took place on Wednesday, 25 May, WCCB, room Chamberhall (Plenarsaal) and focused on effective policy frameworks and institutional arrangements for adaptation planning and implementation, including for multi-level governance and monitoring and evaluation


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Supporting the implementation of the Paris outcome           
AC/2016/3 Concept note on the technical examination process on adaptation pdf-icon click >>            
FCCC/TP/2016/6 Opportunities and options for enhancing adaptation actions and supporting their implementation: reducing vulnerability and mainstreaming adaptation. Technical paper by the secretariat.

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  Opportunities and options for enhancing adaptation actions and supporting their implementation: reducing vulnerability and mainstreaming adaptation. Technical paper.

Note: Same content as the document above but in a different format 

pdf-icon e-Publication (4090 kB)  
AC working group on the TEP-A            
AC/2016/22                     Progress report on the work of the Adaptation Committee’s working group on the  Technical examination process on adaptation                                pdf-icon click >>