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National Adaptation Programmes of Action - matters relating to the Least Developed Countries

NAPAs provide a process for the Least Developed Countries to identify priority activities that respond to their urgent and immediate needs with regard to adaptation to climate change - those needs for which further delay could increase vulnerability or lead to increased costs at a later stage. more>>


NAPA background, rationale and focus, in light of Article 4.9 of the Convention. Also some basic information about the NAPA preparation and implementation phases
Information on the list of countries that have submitted their NAPAs and the date of submission including any revised NAPAs submitted to the secretariat
List of ranked priority adaptation activities and projects with short profiles of each, designed to facilitate the development of proposals for implementation
Updated information on the status of implementation of NAPA projects under the least developed countries fund
Key documents and decisions regarding funding issues for LDC Parties and in particular support to the NAPAs
LEG efforts on monitoring and evaluating the NAPAs and the LDC work programme, also extended to the NAP process
LDCF/NAPA projects, local coping strategies of communities that adapted to specific climate hazards and more
Guidelines, brochures, best practices and other publications relevant to LDC Parties and the adaptation community at large

List of LDCs under the Convention

The Adaptation Exchange