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Submissions from admitted non-governmental organizations on socio-economic information under the Nairobi work programme

Submitted 1 November 2007

International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI)

Research results and documents relevant to the availability of information on the socio-economic aspects of climate change:

  • Regional Climate Prediction and Risk Reduction in the Greater Horn of Africa, Final Report to the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance from the International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI), The Earth Institute at Columbia University, June 15, 2005
    pdf-icon Report (2551 kB)
  • Natural Disaster Hotspots: A Global Risk Analysis Synthesis Report, Maxx Dilley, Robert S. Chen, Uwe Deichmann, Arthur L. Lerner-Lam and Margaret Arnold, with Jonathan Agwe, Piet Buys, Oddvar Kjekstad, Bradfield Lyon and Gregory Yetman, March 2005
    pdf-icon Synthesis (5862 kB) and Full report
  • Assessing the incremental benefits and costs of coping with development pressure and climate change: a South African case study, John M. Callaway and Molly E. Hellmuth
    pdf-icon Note (88 kB)
  • Long-term consequences of short-term precipitation shocks: Evidence from Brazilian migrant households, Valerie A. Mueller and Daniel E. Osgood, March 23, 2007
    pdf-icon Article (500 kB)
  • Long-term consequences of drought in Brazil, Valerie A. Mueller and Daniel E. Osgood, April 6 2007
    pdf-icon Article (280 kB)
  • Integrated Management of the Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia: Hydropower and Irrigation Modeling, Paul J. Block, May 2007
    pdf-icon Discussion paper (759 kB)
  • Effectiveness of Malaria Control During Changing Climate Conditions In Eritrea, 1998 to 2003.  Patricia M Graves, Daniel E. Osgood, Madeleine C Thomson, Kiros Sereke, Afwerki Araia, Mehari Zerom, Pietro Ceccato, Michael Bell, John Del Corral, Shashu Ghebreselassie, Eugene P Brantly, Tewolde Ghebremeskel
    pdf-icon Report (525 kB)
  • A Gap Analysis for the Implementation of the Global Climate Observing System Programme in Africa, 2006
    pdf-icon Report (856 kB) ).
  • Climate Risk Management in Africa: Learning from Practice, Hellmuth, M.E., Moorhead, A., Thomson, M.C., and Williams, J. (eds) 2007
    Report in pdf-icon English (2740 kB) and pdf-icon French (3128 kB) , Policy briefs in pdf-icon English (279 kB) , pdf-icon French (3545 kB) , pdf-icon Arabic (405 kB) and pdf-icon Portuguese (274 kB)
  • Dynamic maps and data products combining geophysical and socio-economic data in the area of managing malaria conditions, dessert locust/food security crises, meningitis epidemics and other climate related threats
 Submitted 21 September 2007

Sustain US

 pdf-icon Views on the intergration of socio-economic information into vulnerability assessment (179 kB)