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Contributing to the implementation of the Nairobi work programme (NWP)
 Image NWP partners play an important role in the implementation of the NWP. Over 250 organizations, institutions, businesses and communities have already joined the NWP as partners. Many have formulated plans and/or Action Pledges to contribute to adaptation action under the NWP. 

Any organization, institution, private sector company or other civil society group, from any level or sector, can join the NWP as a partner. Private sector organizations who join the NWP can become part of the NWP Private Sector Initiative.

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Ways to contribute as a partner to the Nairobi work programme

There are many ways in which partners can contribute to the achievement of the NWP's expected outcomes

  • Develop Action Pledges and undertake activities to address adaptation needs
  • Undertake adaptation activities with other NWP partners
  • Make submissions of views and information mandated by the SBSTA under the NWP
  • Contribute to NWP knowldede products
  • Receive the NWP eUpdate three times a year
  • Attend and contribute to NWP events including Focal Point Fora, side events, special events and other NWP workshops and meetings
  • Consider and adopt climate-resilient policies and practices
  • Apply information generated under the NWP in planning for and implementing adaptation measures

Benefits of joining the Nairobi work programme

Associate with the United Nations process on climate change and provide relevant inputs
Increase the visibility of your organization's work on climate change adaptation
Collaborate, network and share knowledge with Parties, decision markers, leading international organizations, institutions, private sector companies, and individual experts
Enhance your organization's capacity to further identify and understand impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change and to select and implement practical, effective and high priority adaptation actions. 


NWP partners and Action Pledges database

A database of partner organizations to the NWP, and adaptation Action Pledges made by NWP partners, searchable by type of organization, region, sector, adaptation delivery activity, climate hazard and NWP work area.

NWP Private Sector Initiative

The NWP Private Sector Initiative aims to catalyze the involvement of the private sector in the wider adaptation community.


Relevant events organized by NWP Partner organizations

2012 Knowledge Brokers Workshop organized by CDKN and GIZ on 19th May, Bonn, Germany.