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Call for Action 09 - Economic diversification

Examples in alphabetical order

Identifying practical options to build economic resilience to climate change
  • The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has pledged action under the Nairobi work programme to promote equity, justice and solidarity in the fight against climate change.  The objectives of the action include: implement project on Integrate the employment dimension into climate change policy making, including in adaptation planning; raise awareness among trade unions about climate change impacts and its effects on employment and livelihoods as well as policy measures that could reduce these impacts; and foster international, national, sectoral and local trade union action on this area, in cooperation with other governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions. pdf-icon More
  • Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency considers energy regimes, including reforms in energy and associated industries, as an area for win-win strategies, noting that solar power will provide the core of electricity in 2050 for the Middle East and North Africa region. pdf-icon More...
Strengthening economic resilience in vulnerable sectors at the community level
  • International Crops Research Insitute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) works on expanding the range of partners from both the public and private sectors to attain more participatory strategies, linking on-farm trials with crop systems simulation to increase the effectiveness of soil fertility research. ICRISAT’s efforts to increase farmers participation can ensure: that technology development and testing are guided and supported by farmers' needs and perspectives; and that crop system simulation can be carried out to test a wider array of management options in different (simulated) seasons and physical environments.
  • MicroEnsure works with local insurance partners and other stakeholders to develop a compensation strategy for small-scale farmers when rainfall during a crop growing cycle is insufficient to deliver optimal yield. MicroEnsure provides crop insurance products which protect farmers and lenders, enabling rural credit programmes to expand with reduced risk. More...
  • OXFAM, in partnership with local organizations in Ethiopia, launched the project on pdf-icon Horn of Africa Risk Transfer for Adaptation (pdf-icon HARITA (653 kB) ) which is an innovative pilot for weather index-based micro-insurance scheme with a holistic approach to risk management. The scheme is designed for a tiny seed called teff - a cereal grass native to Ethiopia that feeds its families and fattens its animals.
Promoting documentation and dissemination of good practices, measures and tools

Strengthening existing regional and international cooperation

  • The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) secretariat is working on an energy programme in the Caribbean region.  The objective of the programme is to facilitate the elaboration of national energy policy and strategies in an effort to develop a “Regional Energy Road Map”. The key role of this programme is to strengthen the links between energy sector and other economic sectors and establish a regional response to climate change, as a regional strategy.  pdf-icon More...