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Funding Options for Adaptation
African Development Fund (ADF)
Funding Source African Development Bank (AfDB) Group
Focal Sector/s
Nature of Disbursement Loans
Cofinancing Yes
Eligible Region Africa
Summary Note African Development Fund (ADF) is funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group. The focus of the ADF lays on infrastructure, governance and regional integration, major constraints to growth and poverty reduction in Africa and areas where the ADF has extensive experience and a good track record. Through its investments in these areas, the ADF will also contribute to critical cross-cutting objectives, including agriculture, promoting gender equity, environmental sustainability, climate change adaptation and private sector development.
Contact details for further information Temporary Relocation Agency
Angle des trois rues, Avenue du Ghana, Rue Pierre de Coubertin et  Rue Hedi Nouira
BP 323, 1002 Tunis Belvédère (Tunisia)
Tel: +216 71 10 3695
Fax: +216 71 10 3757
B.P. 1387, Abidjan 01,
Cote d'Ivoire
Phone (225) 20 20 40 57
Telefax (225) 20 20 59 67
Telex 23717 or 23498
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