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Funding Options for Adaptation
Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA)
Funding Source Multilateral banks (European Commission Development)
Focal Sector/s All
Nature of disbursement Grant
Cofinancing required
Eligible Region Least Developed Countries, Small Island Developing States
Summary Note

The Alliance will help to ensure that poor developing countries most vulnerable to climate change, in particular the LDCs and SIDS, increase their capacities to adapt to the effects of climate change by fostering effective dialogue and cooperation on climate change. On the climate change adaptation front, the alliance aims to help developing countries improve their knowledge base on the effects of climate change and to develop and implement adaptation strategies.

Proposed areas of intervention include:

  • Supporting the development of adaptation action plans in vulnerable countries other than LDCs, through technical assistance, capacity support and facilitation of cooperation between stakeholders
  • Supporting the implementation of adaptation action plans in LDCs and SIDS effectively committed to taking measures to respond to climate change
  • Financing pilot adaptation projects focussing on the water and agricultural sectors, as well as on sustainable management of natural resources
  • Supporting international collaborative research on the impacts of climate change in developing countries and regions, as well as on the identification and design of innovative adaptation solutions.
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