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Funding Options for Adaptation
Adaptation to Climate Change Initiative
Funding Source Bilateral banks
Focal Sector/s All
Nature of disbursement Grant
Cofinancing No
Eligible Region Small Island Developing States (Pacific Island countries), Asia-Pacific (East Timor)
Summary Note

The Adaptation to Climate Change Initiative aims to meet high priority climate adaptation needs in vulnerable countries. The primary geographic emphasis of the program will be the Pacific Island Countries and East Timor, but the initiative also includes targeted policy and technical assistance to other countries. The aim is to improve the information basis for appropriate climate change responses, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

An adaptation financing and implementation component of the initiative will build the capacity of institutions in the region to implement adaptation responses, and provide funding for immediate, practical adaptation work. This component will support bilateral and multilateral investments in high priority adaptation activities. It will also include capacity support for institutions for implementing adaptation responses.

Examples Support  under the Adaptation to Climate Change Initiative includes small grant schemes in Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga and Solomon Islands, providing funds for community generated climate change adaptation projects. In Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu, communities have increased their water storage capacity by constructing rainwater tanks. On the drought prone island of Aniwa in Vanuatu, communities have built small solar desalination stills capable of producing sufficient fresh water to meet local consumption needs.
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