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Funding Options for Adaptation
The Inter American Development Bank-Netherlands Water Partnership Program (INWAP)
Funding Source Multilateral banks
Focal Sector/s Water
Nature of disbursement Grant
Cofinancing Yes
Eligible Region South and Central America, Small Island Developing States
Summary Note INWAP is a joint effort between the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the government of the Netherlands to promote the international principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and support implementation of these principles in IDB operations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Projects submitted for funding must support the implementation of the internationally recognized principles of IWRM, placing significant emphasis on finding ways to expand and improve social and productive water-related services. Projects must also aim to improve the range of political, social, economic, and administrative systems that allocate, develop and manage water resources. INWAP resources can be used to hire specialized consulting services and conduct the necessary activities to create innovative knowledge products; prepare best practices and lessons learned; support water sector planning and reforms; and organize dissemination, capacity building, training and outreach activities.


Contact details for further information


Postal mail:
Maria del Rosario Navia
Infrastructure and Environment Deparment
Water and Sanitation Division
Inter-American Development Bank
1300 New York Ave. N.W. - Stop E-0503
Washington D.C., 20577

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