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Funding Options for Adaptation
Rain Forest Trust Fund (RFT)
Funding Source Multilateral banks
Focal Sector/s Food security, agriculture, forestry and fisheries; population and human settlements
Nature of disbursement Grant
Cofinancing Yes
Eligible Region South and Central America
Summary Note The Rain Forest Trust Fund (RFT) was established in 1992 by the World Bank's Executive Directors and associated bilateral donors. All funds are grant funds directed toward a set of integrated projects aimed at slowing down the deforestation/conversion of the Amazon rainforest, protecting biodiversity, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting sustainable use and development in the Amazon region. The projects share similar objectives of: (i) strengthening the capacity of public sector institutions responsible for managing and protecting the rainforest, its inhabitants, and natural resources; (ii) improving management of protected areas; (iii) strengthening the information base on Amazonian natural resources; and (iv) promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies and practices for use and development by the inhabitants. 
Examples The pilot program, to conserve the Brazilian Rainforest, undertakes projects to conserve and maximize environmental benefits of the tropical rain forests of the Amazon and of Brazil’s Atlantic coast. The fund is  made available as grants or as highly concessional lending terms. About a fifth of program funding comes from the RFT. The Program is pursuing five lines of action: 1) test and demonstrate conservation and sustainable development; 2) protect the environment and conserve resources; 3) strengthen institutions for environmental management; 4) produce and apply scientific knowledge; and 5) Learn and spread lessons. Other example projects under this pilot program include floodplain natural resource management, Protection for Indigenous Peoples and Lands in the Amazon.
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