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 Report and additional information

October 2011 Workshop to identify challenges and gaps in the implementation of risk management approaches to the adverse effects of climate change. FCCC/SBI/2011/INF.11 Background paper, Agenda, presentations
April 2007   Asian regional workshop on adaptation FCCC/SBI/2007/13 Background paper, Agenda, presentations 
February 2007 Expert meeting on adaptation for small island developing States (SIDS) FCCC/SBI/2007/11 Background paper, agenda, presentations
September 2006   African regional workshop on adaptation FCCC/SBI/2007/2 Background paper, agenda, presentations, abstracts, ENB coverage
April 2006 Latin American regional workshop on adaptation FCCC/SBI/2006/19 Background paper, agenda, presentations
November 2003 Workshop on local coping strategies and technologies for adaptation FCCC/SB/2003/INF.2 Agenda, Presentations, Report
October 2003 Workshop on the needs and options of non-Annex I Parties for economic diversification, and on support programmes by Annex II Parties to address these needs FCCC/SBI/2003/18 Agenda, Background paper, Participants
July 2003 Workshops on possible synergy and joint action with the other multilateral environmental conventions and agreements, and on enhancing cooperation with other conventions FCCC/SB/2003/1

Background documentation,
agenda, presentations

May 2003 Workshop on insurance and risk assessment in the context of climate change and extreme weather events FCCC/SBI/2003/11 Agenda, list of participants, presentations
May 2003 Workshop on insurance-related actions to address the specific needs and concerns of developing country Parties arising from the adverse effects of climate change and from the impact of the implementation of response measures FCCC/SBI/2003/11 Background paper, agenda, list of participants, presentations
May 2002 Workshop on the status of modelling activities to assess the adverse effects of climate change and the impact of implemented response measures FCCC/SBI/2002/9 Agenda, List of Participants