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Implementing adaptation

Implementing adaptation is vital to enable countries, particularly developing countries, to respond to the adverse effects of climate change.

The Convention commits countries to prepare for and facilitate adequate adaptation to climate change (Article 4.1). All Parties are required to take the actions necessary related to funding, insurance and the transfer of technology, to meet the specific needs and concerns of developing countries arising from the adverse effects of climate change (Article 4.8) and to take full account of the specific needs and special situations of the least developed countries in their actions with regard to funding and transfer of technology (Article 4.9). In addition, developed countries are required to assist developing countries in meeting costs of adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change (Article 4.4).

In Article 4.8 of the convention, responding to the adverse effects of climate change is referred to in conjunction with addressing the impact of the implementation of response measures, which generally refers to negative side effects resulting from the implementation of climate change mitigation activites.  This information is provided under the Cooperation and Support section of the UNFCCC website.

Relevant Decisions
  • Decision 5/CP.7, 2001, Implementation of Article 4.8 and 4.9 of the Convention
  • Decision 1/CP.10, 2004, The Buenos Aires programme of work on adaptation and response measures describes ways to respond to the adverse effects of climate change as referred to in Article 4 of the Convention.

The chronology details all negotiations to date on the above decisions

Recent Progress

At SBI 36 (May 2012), Parties agreed to consider matters related to the impact of the implementation of response measures under this item jointly with other response measures related issues in the response measures Forum (agenda item 11). Consultations by the SBI Chair with interested Parties on how to take up this agenda item at the next session will continue.

At SBI 35, 28 November-09 December 2011, considered, among other things, the workshop reports FCCC/SBI/2011/INF.11 and FCCC/SBI/2011/INF.12 with a view to recommending a draft decision for adoption by the COP.  Parties did not conclude this matter and agreed to continue their considering at its thirty-six session.

At SBI 34 (June 2011), Parties agreed to continue considering this matter at its thirty-fifth session, on the basis of the draft decision text contained in the report of the SBI at its thirty-second session (annex IV), taking into account relevant decisions adopted by the COP at its sixteenth session, with a view to recommending a draft decision for adoption by the COP.  The Parties also took note of the progress made in the implementation of the interim actions referred to in the report of SBI 33  (paragraphs 83-90).  See the report of SBI 34 (paragraphs 77-78).

Regional workshops and expert meeting mandated by Decision 1/CP.10

During 2006-2007, a series of workshops and an expert meeting helped facilitate information exchange and integrated assessments to assist Parties in identifying specific adaptation needs and concerns.

Calendar of workshops and meetings.

Workshops: Africa, Asia, Latin and Central America
Expert meeting: Small island developing States (SIDS)

A synthesis report highlights the outcomes of the regional workshops and expert meeting

Workshop to identify challenges and gaps in the implementation of risk management approaches to the adverse effects of climate change.
Peru, 10-12 October 2011
Chronology and calendar
of conferences, decisions, workshops, meetings and reports

Report of the workshop on risk management approaches, held in Lima, Peru, 10-12 October 2011.

Adaptation funding interface 
provides access to existing funds for adaptation, including for the implementation of NAPAs.

(Mandated 2008, see pdf-icon SBI 28 Report)


pdf-icon Climate change: Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation in Developing Countries 
draws on the information provided at the workshops and expert meeting mandated by Decision 1/CP.10

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