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Technical workshop on water, climate change impacts and adaptation strategies

Mexico City, Mexico
18-20 July 2012


The COP at its seventeenth session (Decision 6/CP.17) requested the secretariat to organize a technical workshop on water, climate change impacts and adaptation strategies, in collaboration with Nairobi work programme partner organizations and other relevant organizations. 

The workshop was informed by the information contained in Annex I to the report of the SBSTA on its thirty-fourth session (FCCC/SBSTA/2011/2) and subsequent views of Parties, and included indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices for adaptation and gender-sensitive tools and approaches as cross-cutting issues.

The workshop took into account the technical paper on water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategies (FCCC/TP/2011/5).

The focus of the workshop was to:

  1. assist all Parties, in particular developing countries, including the least developed countries and small island developing Sates to improve and developed shared understanding of:
    • climate change impacts and vulnerability of water resources, related sectors and ecosystems;
    • adaptation planning and practices that reduce vulnerability of water resources, related sectors and ecosystems;
    • data, observation and research needs and opportunities, including on communication and stakeholder enagement, and knowledge sharing and management at all levels
  2. provide a potential direction for future work on water and climate change in the context of the Nairobi work programme.
Information for participants

pdf-icon Logistical information (146 kB)

pdf-icon Workshop agenda (174 kB)

Report of the workshop


Session 1 - Framing the session
Presenter and Party/organization             Presentation
Mr. Richard Muyungi
Chair of the SBSTA

pdf-icon Objective and scope of the workshop (45 kB)

Ms. Ursula Oswald Spring
pdf-icon Overview of climate change impacts on water resources, livelihoods, related sectors and ecosystems (3688 kB)
Mr. Siegfried Demuth
pdf-icon Assessment of the impact of climate change on water resources and how to adapt (5789 kB)  
Mr. Mario López Pérez
United Mexican States
pdf-icon Mexico's national adaptation planning and practices on water resources (2940 kB)  

Session 2 - Observational data and its interpretation for understanding climate change impacts on water resources
Presenter and Party/organization           Presentation
Ms. Sophia Sandström
pdf-icon Climate observations and services: GCOS and GFCS (1840 kB)
Mr. Alfonso Liao Lee
Costa Rica
pdf-icon Rainfall data and systematic observation for understanding climatic change on water resources (8567 kB)
Ms. Amanda McCarty
United States of America
pdf-icon U.S. observations and monitoring in support of adaptive water management (1545 kB)
Mr. Mohamed H. Elrawady     
pdf-icon Role of observational data in assessing climate change induced water stress in Egypt and the Nile Basin (3798 kB)

Session 3 - Assessment of climate change impacts on water resources and on related sectors and ecosystems
Presenter and Party/organization  Presentation
Mr. Sergio Salinas-Rodriguez , Mr. Bart Wickel 
pdf-icon Tools and methods for assessing and reducing water resource vulnerability to climate change (7528 kB)

Mr. Cees van de Guchte 
The Netherlands

pdf-icon Comparative assessment of the vulnerability and resilience of ten deltas (1630 kB)
Mr. Jean Fanfan Jourdain 
pdf-icon Vulnerability of water resources from a least developed country perspective: the case of Haiti (1503 kB)
Mr. Rajan Kotru, 
pdf-icon Assessment of climate change impacts on water resources and mountain ecosystems (1570 kB)

Session 4 - Adaptation planning and practices related to water resources at different levels
Presenter and Party/organization   Presentation
Ms. Marta Perez de Madrid 
pdf-icon Building adaptation solutions from integrated water resources management and ecosystem-based approaches (2444 kB)
Ms. Kathleen Dominique 
pdf-icon Adapting water policy for climate change adaptation (248 kB)
Mr. Cees van de Guchte 
The Netherlands
pdf-icon Adaptation planning in the transboundary river delta of the Rhine and lessons learned from the UNECE Water 
Convention's pilot projects on adaptation in transboundary basins
(2009 kB)
Mr. Moussa Ouedraogo 
Burkina Faso
pdf-icon National level perspectives from Burkina Faso (935 kB)
Mr. Aliou Diouf 
pdf-icon Indigenous water resources management under a changing climate: experiences from West African communities (2464 kB)
Mr. Golam Rabbani 
pdf-icon A community based adaptation initiative in five climate vulnerable eco-zones in Bangladesh (1015 kB)
Breakout groups 

 pdf-icon Report to plenary-Transboundary/regional (50 kB)

pdf-icon Report to plenary-National (133 kB)

pdf-icon Report to plenary-Sub-national/local (97 kB)

Session 5 - Communication, stakeholder engagement, knowledge sharing and management
Presenter and Party/organization  Presentation
Mr. Klaus Radunsky 
pdf-icon Perspective from the EU and its Member States (174 kB)
Mr. Alex Simalabwi 
pdf-icon Framework for water security and climate resilient development (2919 kB)
Ms. Sophia Sandstorm 
pdf-icon UN-Water and its thematic priority area on water and climate change (709 kB)
Mr. Seleshi Bekele 
pdf-icon ACPC perspectives as a regional centre in the African region (3288 kB)

Contextualizing discussion points of Days 1 and 2

Ms. Katarina Veem, SIWI, pdf-icon Session 1 (52 kB) , Mr. Siegfried Demuth, UNESCO-IHP, pdf-icon Session 2 (85 kB) , Mr. Alex Simalabwi, GWP, pdf-icon Session 3 (294 kB) , Mr. Bart Wickel, WWF, pdf-icon Session 4 (129 kB)


Relevant UNFCCC resources

Decision 6/CP.17

Technical paper on water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategies (FCCC/TP/2011/5).

pdf-icon Climate Change and Freshwater Resources: Synthesis of adaptation actions undertaken by Nairobi work programme partner organizations

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