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Poster session at the UNFCCC workshop on adaptation planning and practices
 Party/Organization Contact   Title of poster Supporting material/links
Armenia Ms. Alvina Avagyan pdf-icon Climate change impact on agriculture of Armenia: Vulnerability assessment and adaptation measures (398 kB)  
Bolivia Mr. Ivar Arana pdf-icon Building an adaptation strategy to climate change (1049 kB)  
Climate Alliance Mr. Andreas Kress pdf-icon AMICA - Integration of mitigation and adaptation (2361 kB) Further information on integration of adaptation and mitigation policies
Convention on Biological Diversity  Ms. Jaime Webbe pdf-icon Indigenous and Local Communities and Adaptation within Small Island Developing States and Coastal Zones (757 kB)  
Ghana Mr. William Kojo Agyemang-Bonsu Coming soon...  
New Zealand Mr. Gavin Kenny pdf-icon Adapting to Climate Change in Eastern New Zealand (684 kB)

Adapting to climate change in eastern New Zealand website

South Africa Mr. Barney Kgope Coming soon...  
Sudan Ms. Balgis Elasha pdf-icon Trus cultivation in Darfu, Western Sudan (467 kB)
pdf-icon Indigenous knowledge in relation to water harvesting (450 kB)
University of Guelph Mr. Barry Smit pdf-icon CAVIAR: Community Adaptation and Vulnerability in Arctic Regions (75 kB)  
World Tourism Organization Mr. Gabor Vereczi Coming soon...  
UNFCCC Ms. Helen Adams pdf-icon Overview of the NWP (139 kB) See main NWP page
UNFCCC Ms. Helen Adams pdf-icon Documents produced by the NWP by SBSTA 27 (202 kB) See main NWP page
UNFCCC Ms. Helen Adams pdf-icon Upcoming activities of the NWP (222 kB) See main NWP page