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In-session workshop on adaptation


(PDF) Agenda (92 kB)

Presenter and topic Abstract Presentation

O.Canziani: The fate of indigenous communities under climate change

 (PDF) pdf (16 kB)  (PDF) pdf (3412 kB)
 R. Correll: Arctic impact assessment and implication on the sustainable development of the region For further information please see:  (PDF) pdf (3572 kB)
 R. Klein: Overview of existing approaches/methods/tools to assessments of vulnerability and adaptation  (PDF) pdf (109 kB)  pps

R. Kolli: Application of regional models: High-resolution climate change scenarios for India using PRECIS

 (PDF) pdf (13 kB)  pps
 J. Konno: Climate Change, Adaptation and Sustainable Development: Experiences & Challenges  (PDF) pdf (10 kB)  pps
 Judy Lawrence: Tools to assess vulnerability and help adapt to climate change in a temperate developed agricultural economy   (PDF) pdf (9kB)  pdf
C. Magadza: Strategies for climate change adaptation for sustainable development  (PDF) pdf (39 kB)
L. Mearns: Use of climate scenarios developed from regional climate model experiments  (PDF) pdf (16 kB)  (PDF) pdf (345 kB)
 M. Soto-Franco: Preparedness for climate related disasters: general approach, strategy and methods (PDF) pdf (21 kB)  (PDF) pps (875 kB)