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Submissions from Parties on adaptation planning and practices under the Nairobi work programme

(PDF) Argentina  Submitted 15 May
(PDF) Australia Submitted 29 June
(PDF) Bangladesh Submitted 15 May
(PDF) Canada* Submitted 4 September
(PDF) Cuba Submitted 5 June
(PDF) El Salvador Submitted 15 May
(PDF) Germany on behalf of the European Community and its Member States Submitted 22 May
(PDF) Japan Submitted 29 June
(PDF) Mexico Submitted 15 May
(PDF) New Zealand Submitted 31 May
(PDF) South Africa Submitted 25 June
(PDF) Tajikistan Submitted 30 May
(PDF) United States Submitted  17 August

*This submission will be contained in the document FCCC/SBSTA/2007/MISC.10/Add.1

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