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Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, and vulnerability and adaptation to, climate change

UKCIP Adaptation Wizard

The Wizard is a tool to help users adapt to climate change. It is a generic, high-level tool that can be used to raise awareness of the adaptation process, and help those who are preparing to adapt. It is more a decision-support than decision-making tool.

Appropriate Use

The Wizard can help users to:

  1. Access the information, tools and resources UKCIP provides to help them deal with climate change;
  2. Assess their vulnerability to current climate and future climate change;
  3. Develop a climate change adaptation strategy;
  4. Teach themselves, their colleagues and wider professional network about climate change impacts and adaptation;
  5. Make a decision, or develop a project, programme, policy or strategy, that is resilient to climate change.

The Wizard will not produce a tailor-made climate adaptation strategy at the click of a button. Instead, it will help users generate the information they need to prepare their own adaptation strategy.

Scope The audience for the Wizard is decision-makers in organizations. It has been developed as a generic tool that can be tailored for the particular application of the user.
Key Output An adaptation strategy document that includes: a record of the users’ vulnerability to current climatic variability; a prioritized list of climate risks; a list of possible adaptation measures to address those risks; adaptation options appraisal; and an implementation strategy.
Key Input
  1. Time to complete the process;
  2. Participation of relevant individuals from within and outside of the organization concerned;
  3. An understanding of how decisions are made within the users’ organization and how to bring about change;
  4. In-house experience and evidence of the consequences of past weather events on the organization or activity;
  5. Climate change scenario information;
  6. Socio-economic scenario information;
  7. Tools or techniques for costing climate impacts and for costing and evaluating adaptation option.
Ease of Use The Wizard is accessible and easy to use.
Training Required No specific training is required. However, awareness of climate change scenarios and risk assessment methods would be helpful. Specialist skills may be required to complete specific tasks, such as costing climate impacts and adaptation options, and conducting a quantitative risk assessment. These activities can be commissioned separately if necessary and the results incorporated into the process.
Training Available UKCIP can offer support and advice on application of the Wizard. The level of support available will depend on uptake of the tool.
Computer Requirements

The wizard is web-based and can run using any web browser software. Adobe Acrobat is needed to display some of the tables and most of the reports referred to in the Wizard as sources of information.

Microsoft Word would be useful to compile the resulting adaptation strategy document, but any another word processing package would suffice. Should the UKCIP costings tool be used to cost impacts and adaptation options, Microsoft Excel would be required.

Documentation All documentation is contained within the Wizard’s website

The prototype version of the Wizard was used to inform the development of a new school in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. This case study is available from the Wizard’s website. Further case studies are being developed.

Contacts for Framework, Documentation, Technical Assistance

Megan Gawith

Scientific Officer, UK Climate Impacts Programme; e-mail:

Cost There is no charge for using the Wizard. The process of completing the Wizard will, however, incur some costs, the scale of which will be determined by the nature of the application. Costs would arise from, amongst other things: staff time to complete the process, possible associated travel and meeting costs, commissioning further research to fill information gaps where necessary, implementing adaptations.

Willows, R.I. and R.K. Connell. (eds.). 2003. Climate Adaptation: Risk, Uncertainty and Decision-Making. UKCIP Technical Report. UKCIP, Oxford.