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Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, and vulnerability and adaptation to, climate change


RICEMOD is a FORTRAN and BASIC based ecophysiological model for irrigated rice production. It includes a number of physical parameters, including accommodation of subroutines dealing with soil and plant chemistry as well as physical processes of the atmospheric environment.

The model is very sensitive to soil parameters and has been expanded to consider soil water deficit. Model components include maximum leaf area index, timings of plant growth initiation and harvest, radiation-use efficiency (RUE), and harvest index (HI).

Appropriate Use To study the relative constraining effects of radiation, leaf blade nitrogen content, respiration rate, and assimilate partitioning on rice plant growth. Useful for predicting future production scenarios. Does not include the influence of CO2.
Scope All locations; agricultural sector; site-specific.
Key Output Total area index (LA1, leaves and stem), growth rates, dry weights, dry matter partitioning, grain yield, number of grains, CO2 assimilation, amount of radiation absorbed by the canopy.
Key Input Data intensive; requires soil, plant, and atmospheric data (rainfall, pan evaporation, radiation, minimum and maximum temperature, day length).
Ease of Use Relatively easy to use, although requires some expertise and is fairly data intensive.
Training Required Requires knowledge of soil physical properties and some background in agronomics.
Training Available IRRI offers training
Computer Requirements Programmed in FORTRAN IV and BASIC. Requires an IBM-compatible PC 370/135.
Documentation McMennary, J. and J.C. O’Toole. 1985. RICEMOD: A Physiologically-Based Rice Growth Model. IRRI research paper series #87. 1099 Manila, The Philippines.

Used to indicate leaf water stress and predict the growth and yield component of different rice varieties in a number of rice-producing countries, including the Philippines.

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